MWF 6: Noche Buena Delivers One Strong Ending to 2018

Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) closed 2018 strong with MWF 6: Noche Buena at U.P. Bahay ng Alumni. We saw a a lot of wrestling action and the crowning of the first MWF Champion.


LuchaDonna def. Trainee

The masked LuchaDonna made her presence felt at Noche Buena by delivering a decisive victory over the unnamed Trainee. LuchaDonna pinned her opponent after a tornado DDT.

Coach Gus!

Merry ChristGus

Coach Gus Queens came out to ringside to give Christmas gifts to the fans while crooning to a Christmas Song. He announced two shows for 2019: Wrestling Entertainment 3000 – The Merge on February 10, 2019 at Taft; and Gus Global Birthday Bash on March 16, 2019 at Metrowalk Ortigas. Gus said that he saved the biggest gift for last by introducing us to one of the four competitors for the next match, “Danger” Rex Lawin!

Frankie Thurteen tries to calm everyone down

Rex is victorious

#1 Contendership to the MWF Championship: Rex Lawin def. Frankie Thurteen, Brother Jomar Liwanag, and Morgan Vaughn

The four-way elimination match started with Vaughn and Thurteen teaming up to attack both Rex Lawin and Brother Jomar. Frankie Thurteen got the first elimination after he delivered a brutal kick that knocked out Brother Jomar. Moments later it would be Brother Jomar who would help eliminate Frankie with a package piledriver before Rex got the pin. Morgan Vaughn tried to deliver a sneak attack on Lawin in hopes of getting the upperhand, but failed. Lawin connected with a Rex Trigger on Vaughn to become the number 1 contender.

Frankie Thurteen ambushes and taunts Lawin

After the match, Frankie Thurteen and Morgan Vaughn brutally assaulted Rex in the ring. Frankie got on the mic and called himself the King of Manila. Frankie Thurteen then proceeded to break Rex’s arm to prove his point.

Martivo and Ashura

Martivo twerkfaces Hanzello

Martivo and Ashura def. Ninja Ryujin and Hanzello Shilva

Hanzello was isolated for most of the contest by Martivo and Ashura. Shilva made a desperation move before he got the hot tag to Ryujin. Ninja Ryujin connected with his Asai DDT finisher on the Man Doll but Shilva surprisingly broke the pin. Martivo and Ashura gained the victory after delivering an impressive double-team maneuver on Shilva for the pin.

Frankie takes Martivo down

Frankie offers Ashura a spot

After the match, Frankie Thurteen and Morgan Vaughn attacked Shilva and Martivo. Frankie initially offered the Man Doll a spot at his team, only for the latter to refuse. Frankie gave the same offer to Ashura. To the surprise of Martivo and the audience, Ashura left ringside with Frankie and Morgan.

Khayl locks SANDATA up

SANDATA with an ankle lock

Khayl Sison def. SANDATA

SANDATA of Philippine Wrestling Revolution (PWR) answered Sison’s open challenge. He got on the mic and told Sison that he will teach him a thing or two. SANDATA delivered some hard strikes and kicks to Sison forcing the latter to retreat outside the ring. A cheapshot from Sison would put him in the driver’s seat. SANDATA caught Sison with an ankle lock but Sison wriggled free. At one point, the referee fell down and Sison used the moment to deliver a low blow on SANDATA. Sison connected with a high knee to pin SANDATA for the win.

Khayl wins

Sison berated SANDATA on the mic after his victory. A random fan assaulted SANDATA outside the ring moments later and both of them would brawl their way out of the venue.

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