MWF 6: Noche Buena Delivers One Strong Ending to 2018

PWR’s Jake De Leon

JDL works on Lucha’s leg

Mr. Lucha def. Jake De Leon

Jake De Leon started the match by repeatedly tossing Mr. Lucha to a row of chairs, extracting some revenge from their last encounter. JDL would zero in on Lucha’s leg each opportunity he had during the contest going so far as to delivering a leg lock on the ring post. Mr. Lucha, at one point, caught JDL and slammed him hard on the ring apron in hopes of turning the tide.

JDL is about to go airborne…

…but Lucha catches him mid-air

JDL connected with the Alipin Drop on Mr. Lucha, but it only garnered a two count. Mr. Lucha took down JDL seconds later with a chokeslam, but also got a two count. JDL blocked a second chokeslam attempt and put Mr. Lucha in a figure four. Lucha escaped the painful submission hold by reaching the ropes. JDL leapt off the corner, but was caught midair by Mr. Lucha for a DVD-X. Mr. Lucha planted JDL with a thunderous chokeslam and got the 3 count to defeat his nemesis.

Mr. Lucha gets the win

JDL on the mic

After the match, Jake De Leon grabbed the mic and said that Mr. Lucha earned his respect. He told everyone that Lucha has what it takes to be the top guy in MWF. JDL advised Mr. Lucha to not waste the opportunity and take MWF’s top spot. JDL and Mr. Lucha shook hands before the Senyorito made his exit from ringside.

RG with Jorelle

Gigz points at RG

Gigz Stryker def. RG

Throughout the show, we were shown Gigz Stryker’s Sagot Kita 6: D’ Final Showdown film which ended with Liwanags in possession of RG and converting him into the light. Gigz had to face the transformed RG inside the MWF ring. At first he tried to snap RG out of the Liwanag’s control, but to no avail.  RG punished Gigz on the corner with some hard shoulder charges. Gigz fought back with his signature body punches and sent RG down with an enzugiri. Gigz delivered a Kalibre 3:16 on RG, but RG kicked out of his finisher. Gigz managed to secure the victory by pinning his protégé.

RG is comforted by Gigz and Neneng

The Liwanags and a captive RG

RG slowly came to his senses after he was given the U.P. Sash by their friend Neneng. The reunion between RG and Gigz was shortlived as the Liwanags, together with the returning Moises Liwanag, made their arrival. The Liwanags delivered a 3-on-2 beat down on RG and Gigz that was punctuated by Moises Liwanag’s thunderous backbreaker on Gigz. The Liwanags left ringside with RG in their clutches.

Fabio vs. Robin

Fabio tries to break Sane’s arm

For the MWF Championship: Robin Sane def. Fabio Makisig

It was the Finals of the MWF Championship Tournament and it featured the high-flying Robin Sane taking on the undefeated Fabio Makisig. Sane and Makisig had an acrobatic and exciting exchange of holds to start off the contest. Fabio took down Sane after he hit a spinning wheel kick. Sane fought back and delivered a basement dropkick and an enzugiri to Fabio. Makisig delivered some ground and pound moves on Robin Sane. Sane would lift Fabio in the air and deliver a devastating sit-down powerbomb for a nearfall.

Sane tries to make Fabio submit

Sane prepares for the Phoenix Splash!

Fabio connected with a moonsault off the apron. Sane hit him back with a dive off the ring ropes to the outside. Near the end of the match, Fabio downed Sane with a piledriver but he got a 2 count. Robin Sane connected with a Spider Driver but Fabio got a shoulder up before 3. Fabio made it to the top rope, but was stopped by Sane. Fabio was taken down by Sane’s hurracanrana off the corner. Robin Sane hit the Phoenix Splash on Fabio Makisig to get the win and become the inaugural MWF Champion.

Robin Sane hugs MWF Commissioner Mike Shannon

Robin Sane on the mic

Sane was awarded the belt by MWF Commissioner Mike Shannon with Tarek and William Elvin in tow. Sane grabbed the mic and thanked everyone in attendance. Sane said that he believes in a brighter tomorrow for everyone in the Philippine Wrestling Scene. He mentioned that Philippines is just waking up and that the entire world better be ready. MWF ended with Robin Sane celebrating his win at ringside.

Bendeatha raps on stage

William Elvin on stage

Other Notes

MWF 6 Noche Buena featured some musical numbers from Bendeatha and MWF’s Creative Director William Elvin. They also had a number of video segments that added to the story of MWF that would lead up to the next shows in 2019.

The MWF champion, Robin Sane!

Overall, MWF 6: Noche Buena, was a great way to close out MWF’s 2018 wrestling calendar. They hit a stride and made a huge leap from their first year. I cannot wait to see where things go once they open up their 2019 shows. I’d like to thank the people of Manila Wrestling Federation for inviting our site to cover this great event.


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