MWF 4: Road to Fate Results

Coach Gus

The Manila Wrestling Federation (MWF) put on a stellar professional wrestling showcase with MWF 4 – Road to Fate at the Bahay ng Alumni in U.P. Diliman. The Manila-verse was rocked that night with some surprise appearances and memorable wrestling matches.

Ashura sends Khayl to the corner

Ashura has Sison up on her shoulders

Khayl Sison vs. Ashura

A bitter rivalry that started last year at MWF Noche Buena continued as these two tangled in the ring once more. Khayl Sison tried to grapple and strike his way towards a victory against his nemesis. However, it was Ashura who got the win after pinning Sison with an electric chair drop bridge.

Mr. Lucha prepares to chokeslam Ashura as Khayl watches

Mr. Lucha stormed to ringside after the bout to confront his former protégés. Mr. Lucha sent Ashura to the mat with a furious chokeslam that drew the ire of the crowd. Sison fled from the ringside as he sensed that he might be the next victim of his former mentor.

Fabio holds the tsinelas!

Jomar has Fabio in his grasps

MWF Championship Tournament – Tsinelas on a Pole Match: Fabio Makisig vs. Jomar Liwanag

The undefeated Fabio Makisig took on Jomar Liwanag in the first ever ‘tsinelas on a pole match’. Fabio opened up the match with a breath-taking springboard dropkick on Jomar. Fabio managed to down Jomar momentarily to retrieve the tsinelas. However, instead of using the footwear against his opponent, he tossed it outside the ring and continued his onslaught on Jomar. Jomar Liwanag delivered a package piledriver called the ‘Sintensiya ng Liwanag’ on Fabio Makisig for the near victory, but Makisig kicked out. Fabio advanced through the tournament after he pinned Jomar with the Primera Klasika Sipa.

Morgan does something cool

An umbrella with a clear message to Morgan Vaughn

MWF Championship Tournament – No Disqualification, Falls Count Anywhere Match: Aldrin Richards vs. Morgan Vaughn

Prior to the start of the match, MWF Commissioner Mike Shannon confiscated Morgan’s mask due to some controversial finish in Morgan’s last match. Aldrin overpowered Morgan at the early moments of the match with a good dropkick and some ‘yes’ kicks. Vaughn delivered a couple of double knee strikes on Aldrin to get back into the match. The contest sprawled to the outside of the ring where Aldrin was sent into a row of chairs by Morgan. Aldrin and Morgan battled on the MWF stage before they resumed their contest inside the ring. Aldrin tried to deliver a one-wing angel on Morgan Vaughn but it was blocked. Morgan Vaughn got the pinfall victory after a devastating shotgun dropkick on Aldrin through the prone plywood at the ring corner.

RG and Jorelle lock up

Jorelle locks RG in a submission hold

Jorelle Liwanag vs. RG (w/ Gigz Stryker)

The frightening Jorelle Liwanag faced off against the U.P. favorite RG in this one-on-one contest. RG tried to overcome his fears while the fans rallied towards him with some school cheers. Jorelle had some hard hitting moves and an impressive headscissors takedown on RG. Jorelle won via a submission move after RG couldn’t answer the referee’s count. Jorelle set her sights on Gigz Stryker after the match, warning him that he will be next.

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