Keep your plants looking nice and cute with this multi-purpose cozy

You can even use this to store your stuff!

I don’t know about you, but I like dressing things up — from my reluctant pet dog to my mugs, and even my plants. Yes, I think that everything deserves a cozy. Not just to keep them looking nice and snug, but also for aesthetic reasons.

I know, I’m extra that way. Sue me.

For plantitas and plantitos who share the same sentiments as I do, I’ve recently come across a store that sells plant cozies for your plant babies. The name? Lauren + Sophia Home.

A proudly local concept, Lauren and Sophia Home sells handcrafted plant cozies in a wide range of adorable designs. These in-house designs are personally made by the team, and are conceptualized over watercolor and post-processing on the computer. In addition, each plant cozy is made with thick canvas to ensure sturdiness, structure, and long-lasting quality.

Putting all these together, the plant cozy is then sourced, designed, and handcrafted here in the Philippines. Love local indeed!

These cozies come in three sizes: mini, small, and medium. And depending on the size of your pot, you can even roll it up to show the inner lining or to hide it to showcase more of the print. Check out some of Lauren + Sophia Home’s designs here:

Photo by Lauren and Sophia Home

Bahay Kubo in small, Oat in medium (Photo by Lauren + Sophia Home)

Photo by Lauren and Sophia Home

Sunset (Photo by Lauren + Sophia Home)

Photo by Lauren and Sophia Home

Oat and Terrazzo in small (Photo by Lauren + Sophia Home)

Oh, and if you’re not a plant mama (or papa), you can even use these to store your keepsakes, masks, and every day items. Remember, these cozies are multi-purpose, after all.

Photo by Lauren and Sophia Home

Arch (Photo by Lauren + Sophia Home)

How to Care for Your Cozy

You can clean your plant cozy by either hand-washing it or using your machine’s gentlest cycle. When done, hang it dry in order to retain its shape.

If you plan on using it for your plants, make sure to have a catch plate at the bottom of your canvas. That way, it catches moisture when you water your plants.

If you don’t have a catch plate, you can also take out the pot, water your plant, then return it back in the cozy when the bottom is dry enough. The goal overall is to avoid moisture from building up.

For orders and inquiries, you can message Lauren + Sophia Home over on Instagram (IG: @laurenandsophiahome) or visit the website to fill up the order form and view the catalogue.

Now that’s a lovely way to add some color into your home, am I right?

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