MRT Train Schedule on TV Onsite – Does It Fix the Daily Train Commute Problem?

MRT Train Schedule on TV Onsite – Does It Fix the Daily Train Commute Problem?



When in Manila, I believe that anyone and everyone have ridden the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) even for just once in their entire life. Even celebrities like Kris Aquino, Manny Pacquiao, and Anne Curtis (as photos of them on the train went viral on social media), have taken the MRT to avoid traffic and reach their destinations quicker because, as we all know, it’s still one of the fastest means to traverse EDSA particularly during rush hour.

kri aquino - mrt

manny pacquiao - mrt

anne curtis - mrt

The MRT ride for celebrities may have been comfortable than usual, a little fun (see their smiles on their photos), life-changing, and quite eye-opening albeit the large crowds of people, which is the usual daily scene in almost every train ride I have taken so far.

For the daily commuter, this is isn’t case. As you can see on this angry letter from an irate commuter. It isn’t a chill ride because riding on the MRT can be compared to a test of survival. After a long and tiring workday, it’s like a sad and dry cherry on top on the way home.

You squeeze yourself into the thick crowd. More often than not, you spend the entire trip standing up despite being very tired. Add to that the numerous crimes happening on the trains. One I’ve experienced from way, way back is that even the phone inside my bag wasn’t safe. I ended up getting off the train with a slashed bag, a missing phone, and depression. But I just shrugged it off, and like what almost all of us say after something like that happens, “At least I didn’t get hurt.”

long line MRT(Image Source: Mark Balmores, 

This is the daily scene on the MRT. Long lines even before you step on the train. Even with common sense, this means there are fewer trains and more passengers. I believe they’ve been trying to fix this and according to Rappler, the wait is still long because the new trains are set to be delivered on 2015.

There are also a few ticket dispensing machines that don’t work, which exacerbates the situation. I think some of them have been like that for months but I hope that fix is on the way.

But what is noticeable on MRT stations are the screens that show train schedules. They show pertinent information like train number, departure time, type, and status. It also shows the estimated arrival time. I’m not sure though if the train arrives within the estimated time because, aside from Filipino time, I know there are also many instances when trains have to stop midway because there’s still a train on the next station. There are also instances when trains move very slowly on the track due to very strong rains.

TV on MRT station

(Image Source: Ting Ting May Gocheco from Facebook) 

What’s astounding about this is that I have only seen this in other progressive countries like Japan, South Korea, and Singapore. It is a step forward and I want to believe that this is a start in improving the MRT.

There are many other problems on the MRT but anything that makes the trip a little better, I’d take it with open arms.

How about you? Have you seen these TV screens on MRT stations?

What do you think?

Do they work to make things better even on a very minuscule scale? 

What else should be done?

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MRT Train Schedule on TV Onsite – Does It Fix the Daily Train Commute Problem?