Anne Curtis Rides MRT to Catch Kylie Minogue’s Concert (‘Cause She Can)

To the daily EDSA commuters, taking the MRT is just a norm. But when a familiar billboard face boards the MRT, expect it to land on the showbiz pages. Take for instance ‘Showtime’ host Anne Curtis who opted to take the MRT just to arrive on time for Kylie Minogue’s “Aphrodite” Concert at Araneta Coliseum. She even tweeted about it and was retweeted back by her 50+  followers. Lo and behold, next thing you know she’s trending on Philippine Twittersphere!

When in Manila, fans (typically the masses) rave when celebs try to blend in with the average people’s activities. Yeah, it’s cool that a popular celeb like Anne Curtis would take the MRT, although she isn’t the only one to do that. I just don’t understand why some Filipinos think it’s a big deal. Oh well, I almost forgot how BIG Anne Curtis is here in our country. She’s everywhere: on the billboards, on the posters on sari-sari stores, on Showtime, on tabloids, on tv commercials, on bedroom posters, on notebooks…even on some boys’ wildest fantasies.

If Manny Pacquiao is the “National Fist”, how about Anne Curtis for “National Celebrity”? Lol just kiddin’.


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