11 Motivational Gifts to Help Your Friends Get Back in Shape for Balik Alindog 2021

If you and your friends are regulars at the gym, the year 2020 has probably put a stop on your fitness progress, or worse, it has taken you several steps back from where you were at the start of the year. That does not mean you cannot progress again in the coming of 2021. To help your friends get in shape, you can give them gifts they can use for training. Whether they are training for something specific or they just enjoy working out, these are the best gifts for athletes that will definitely help achieve their 2021 fitness goals!

11. Apple Watch

fitness gifts 5 apple watch

Go big or go home when it comes to gifting and fitness. The Apple Watch comes with a smorgasbord of features, but one that any athlete would love is that it tracks your fitness and movement. As a bonus, it can control music and stay connected with people through calls and emails!

10. Wireless Headphones

fitness gifts 10 headphones

These wireless headphones can make every workout session fun. They are sweatproof, offer hours of listening time, and comes with a sleek design. Any athlete would be obsessed over these!

9. Ankle Weights

fitness gifts 1 ankle weights

Ankle weights are awesome for giving a little extra resistance during an exercise. Be it being out for a jog or doing a quick at-home workout, any fitness enthusiast would love to have these laying around.

8. Resistance Bands

fitness gifts 7 resistance bands

Resistance bands are amazing to activate your muscles for a lifting session, or for an easy at-home workout.

7. Abdominal Wheel

fitness gifts 8 abdominal wheel

Keep that core tight and engaged with this abdominal wheel. Make core workouts more fun and challenging using this nifty workout device.

6. Running Shoes

fitness gifts 3 running shoes

A good run is supported by good quality running shoes. These shoes are really durable. They can also be used when you want to go on hikes.

5. Motivational Sports Water Bottle

fitness gifts 2 water bottle

Whether doing a light or heavy workout, it is important to make sure to drink enough water. Staying hydrated is important to replenish fluids while sweating out.

4. Leggings

fitness gifts 4 lululemon leggings

Whether for running, lifting, yoga, or lounging, there’s a pair of Lululemon leggings for every type of girl.

3. Foam Roller

fitness gifts 9 foam rollers

The foam roller is a practical gift for anyone who works out all the time. Using it after a strenuous gym session feels amazing. It helps muscles to relax when you’re feeling extremely sore and tight.

2. Therapy Gun

fitness gifts 6 therapy gun

The therapy gun aids in deep tissue treatment to assist muscle recovery from strenuous workouts. After use, the body will feel amazing and it is great for healing your muscles.

1. Plant-Based Protein Powder

fitness gifts 11 plant based protein

The road to fitness should be supplemented by whatever you intake. Any athlete can’t have too much protein powder! Protein powder can be expensive and adds up fast so giving it as a gift can really help out.

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