MNLennial Eats: 11 Restaurants to Try at SM Manila

Words and Photos by Marie Modesto

Summer is almost over! Time for some last minute barkada bondings before school starts while everyone is still free and not bound by busy schedules, projects, and homework. Of course, a barkada bonding is not complete without delicious food to keep our bellies full and our hearts happy. Everybody knows how it takes ages to decide where to eat, especially when you’re out with your friends. Good thing SM Manila has got you all covered from drinks to boodle fights! Here are 11 Restaurants to try at SM Manila:


If you and your squad are in the mood for some Kapampangan classics with a twist, then head over to Mangan to satisfy those cravings. Their Tinapa Rice and Sinigang Sa Salmon Belly are a must-try! They don’t only shine with their main dishes. Get yourself some dessert and try their Turon Halo-Halo. You’re welcome.

Tinapa Rice

Macao Imperial Tea

Ever since Macao Imperial Tea sailed on our shores last year, it has become a go-to milk tea place for a lot of Filipinos. With its colorful drinks, irresistible cream cheese, and cute cups. If you haven’t tried, I recommend getting the Over The Rainbow Soda paired with their classic Cheesecake.

Over the Rainbow Soda

Mocha Sansrival Cake

Amor Bakery

If you guys want to try something different, Amor Bakery’s Asian-Western menu has got your back! With its quirky dishes like Chicken Pesto Pasta with Teriyaki Sauce and their Taco Salmon Salad, you’re surely in for a treat!

Amor Clubhouse Sandwich

Kani Spring Roll Salad

Gerry’s Grill

No matter how many different cuisines we try, we always go back to our Filipino Favorites. For a dose of Filipino favorites head on to Gerry’s grill to enjoys some juicy grilled squid and the Filipino favorite, Crispy Pata.

Inihaw na Pusit

Crispy Pata

Gong Cha

After all the eating you might want to cleanse your palette with some milk tea or you can also opt for a sweet beverage in Gong Cha! Some of the fan favorites are the Wintermelon Milk Tea and the Gong Cha Chocolate Milk.

Left to Right: Wintermelon Milk, Gong Cha Milk chocolate, Gong Cha Wintermelon Milk Tea


It’s unlimited buffet! What more can I say? We can’t exclude the bang for a buck, Cabalen! For under 400 pesos you get a myriad of choices! That includes a salad bar and a dessert bar. But don’t forget about their famous Pork Sisig and Pritchon! For healthier options, they also have Ginisang Baguio Beans and Ginisang Pechay.

Lechon Belly

Sisig Varieties


Of course, the list isn’t complete without ice cream! I mean in this heat? This heavenly dessert is surely a treat! Enjoy some the best sellers, Brownie Temptation and Mango Cheesecake to cool yourself down.

Left to Right: Mango Cheesecake, Brownie Temptation, and Mango Cheesecake

Lechon Haus

Is it even a Filipino food trip without our national favorite, Lechon? If you and your friends want to make a quick pit stop for Lechon, then visit Lechon Haus. They offer their tasty Lechon belly in original and spicy! I’m not kidding when I say it tastes like it’s been smoked for hours! Their Buttered Shrimp is also pretty legendary.

Original Lechon Meal

Buttered Shrimp

Krispy Kreme

If you guys are just looking for a place to chill and chit-chat then go over to Krispy Kreme for some Orginal glazed goodness and some of their Premium Donuts like the Black Forest. If you do need something to pick you up a little, their coffee is also an A+.

Donut Selection

8 Street Bites

If you want a little bit of grit in your meat then 8 Street Bites is the restaurant for you. Their freeway nachos will drive you crazy. Who won’t go gaga over copious amounts of cheese and beef? It’s best paired with their Salted Caramel Milkshake and Honey Glazed Chicken Tenders.

Oreo Milkshake and Salted Caramel Milkshake

Honey Glazed Chicken Tenders

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island

I hope you’re ready to fight with your fists for this feast because your hands are about to get dirty in Black Beard’s Seafood Island. With food taking you all around the Philippines, to Tali Beach, To Davao, and To Dagupan. Seafood Island is serving up favorites from all around the archipelago. Made for you to enjoy, the island way.



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