#EatMega: 6 Must-try Restaurants in SM Megamall

Words By Keith Carandang (@keithcarandang)


The steady rise of food parks all around the metro has definitely taken us for some interesting foodie adventures.

If your idea of adventure going on a food trip with your buddies but the dense crowds, remote location, and the hot weather that comes with the popular food parks just doesn’t do it for you then listen up because we might just have your fix! And you don’t even have to wait long, because The Mega Food Fest will be on this April 2- 5 at the Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall.

Taco Vengo 6

Here’s a sneak peek into what to expect at The Mega Food Fest.  You got the Taste, Tour, and Talk.  Sounds intriguing!

Foodies will get the chance to sample unique dishes from different restaurants like 8cuts Burgers, Alqueria, Bliss Bowls, Chelsea Kitchen, Cibo, Fireside by Kettle, Ippudo, Lava, Le Petit Soufflé, Linguini Fini, Makansutra, Mighty Quinn’s, Sarsa Kitchen + Bar, Satchmi, Sweetea’s by da.u.de, Taco Vengo! and Yabu.

Alqueria: a taste of Spain in Manila

When you’re all good and full, the tour will be a great way to rest and recover your hunger as the Global Filipino Chefs let our taste buds travel with each of their demos.  And for those who love cooking just as much as eating, the Talk will feature Asia’s Best Female Chef of 2016 Margarita Forés of Cibo and Le Petit Souffle’s Miko Aspiras which will be hosted by Chef JJ Yulo of Pinoy Eats World. Hungry for more? Let us excite you even more with a look into our favorite restaurants who will be at the fest!

Chelsea Kitchen

Chef Kalel Chan on April 2, 5PM

Summer’s here! And what better way to beat the heat than with one of Chelsea Kitchen’s cold-brewed and sun-drenched Harvey & Sons iced tea?  While you’re at it, grab one of Chef Kalel’s Cola Ribs too.  The unusual take on barbecue sauce is sure to surprise you!

#EatMega: 6 Must-try Restaurants in SM Megamall


Sarsa Kitchen & Bar

Chef JP Anglo on April 3, 5PM

Want something familiar and new?  Chef JP’s got you with his rendition of Filipino food like the inasal, crispy pork chicken, and sizzling bangus.  Sounds like an ordinary Filipino meal but trust us, there’s a special something that’ll get you wanting more.

#EatMega: 6 Must-try Restaurants in SM Megamall


Taco Vengo

Chef Joaquin Migallos on April 4, 1PM

Feel right at home at this tiny taqueria fusion cuisine that Chef Joaquin has for us.  The Mexican inspired food is a sure tummy filler while still satisfying your Filipino penchant.  Food tip: it’s best to eat their tacos and burritos right on the spot while it’s still hot!

Taco Vengo 12


Chef Gaita Fores on April 4, 2PM – 4PM

Pasta lovers rejoice! You didn’t think we’d forget about you, did you?  Chef Gaita will be one of the speakers on Manila’s buzzing culinary scene!  Cibo is known for its delectable selection of pastas and we don’t even know where to start!  Well, the Mega Food Fest might be a good place. Better not miss the talk either!

#EatMega: 6 Must-try Restaurants in SM Megamall


Le Petit Soufflé

Chef Miko Aspiras on April 4, 2PM – 4PM

Another great chef who will be joining Chef Gaita for the talk is Chef Miko!  Le Petit Souffle’s aesthetic worthy food and theme would’ve been enough to lure the instagrammers, but the exquisite food has enticed people of all ages to try it out as well!  Of course, you can’t try it without getting one of their souffles, which are known for their savory and hearty quality!

#EatMega: 6 Must-try Restaurants in SM Megamall



Chef Him Uy De Baron on April 5, 2PM

Appreciate Asian with Makansutra’s mix of street fare ranging from Singaporean, Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, well up to Malaysian!  And they mean business.  The authenticity of the food they offer is so real it’ll feel like you’re being transported to each country as you devour their dishes.  The best part is, you get it with the street food experience!

#EatMega: 6 Must-try Restaurants in SM Megamall


Already pumped and can’t wait for the food fest?  Go ahead and satisfy your cravings at SM Megamall, but don’t forget to call out your food trip buddies and educate your taste buds with all the food and cooking the Mega Food Fest has to offer.  You’ll be certain to go home with not just full tummies, but new food knowledge too!  Now when you eat out, you’ll have more than just the food to remember.  Tag your friends, classmates, and your family!  Because the Mega Food Fest is a celebration no one would want to miss.

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