Miley Cyrus was groped by a fan in Spain

Photo courtesy: Harpers Bazaar

A few days ago, as Miley Cyrus walking in a crowd in Barcelona, Spain, she was unpleasantly grabbed and kissed by an intrusive fan.

Cyrus was already surrounded by her security while she was with the group of supporters, but one of her fans still managed to hook his arm quickly around the singer while he grabbed her hair and planted a kiss on her.

A witness posted the video footage on social media, and it can be seen that the singer struggled from the fan’s grip as he forcefully grabs her by the neck. Cyrus was unable to control the situation after the quick turn out of events but also managed to get loose after a few seconds. As they were walking outside of their hotel on the way to their car, Liam Hemsworth, her husband who was walking ahead of her, turned around to place his arm on her to guide her through the crowd.

After the events, it was reported that while the 26-year-old star “always respects her fans’ enthusiasm,” she was “certainly unsettled by this.” The insider has reportedly added that Cyrus is “doing fine now.”

Last Tuesday, on the star’s Instagram Story, Cyrus posted clips from the incident and she also added along with the video footage of The Talk co-hosts sharing comments from trolls who were bashing Miley about her choice of dressing. The singer also reacted to one of the commenters that suggested Cyrus “asked for it” by the way of how she was dressed during the occasion it occurred.

Just recently, she shares on her Twitter page about the more critical comments on the incident where she wrote, “Don’t f–k with my freedom. #stillnotaskingforit.”

Photo courtesy: NY News Daily

Only days ago, Cyrus dropped her new six-track EP, She Is Coming. On the EP , Cyrus has a song called “Unholy,” in which she sings, “I’m sick of the faking, the using, the taking/The people calling me obscene/You hate me, you love me, you just wanna touch me/I’m only trying to get some peace.”

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