Miley Cyrus is bringing Hannah Montana back to life!

It’s been a week of throwbacks for old Hannah Montana fans (and really, who of us weren’t Hannah Montana fans?!). Miley Cyrus posted an old photo a few days ago of the day she left for Los Angeles to start filming the Disney Channel show. Now, she’s documented her makeover transformation which mirrors Hannah Montana’s look on her Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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She first posted a video of herself with her new blonde hairdo jokingly saying: “You know guys, it was so hard going back and forth that I decided I’ll be Hannah forever! She was getting a lot of press this week…thanks to me!”

Miley then blessed us with this snap of her singing along to Best of Both Worlds in her car. She even mimicked Hannah’s old expressions and moves, fully taking on the character. It’s so adorable:

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There was also this PG version, where she casually makes a reference to drug use. Who would have thought that we would ever see Hannah come back to life and talking about illegal contraband?

She also posted this side by side comparison of Hannah in 2009, and ‘Hannah’ today. She captioned it “I WIN! #10YearChallenge” but I think we’re the true winners here.

Lastly, she posted a mirror selfie to show a ‘darker’ version of Hannah:

Some Twitter users argue whether the new look is permanent or just her old wig refashioned for use. I’m personally hoping that it’s a more long-term dye job so that we keep getting more of these Hannah Montana clips in the days to come. We love a Disney Channel star that embraces her dorky past!!!

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What do you think of Miley’s new look?