WATCH: Miley Cyrus Pulled A ‘Hannah Montana’ And Did A Performance In Disguise!

Before she was singing about Malibu, Miley Cyrus was first known for putting on a disguise and living a double life as a pop star and an ordinary teenager in the Disney series Hannah Montana.

In a segment for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, it seemed that Miley unintentionally reconnected with her Hannah Montana roots when she and Jimmy went busking in a subway station wearing disguises.

It was quite the sight. Take a look:

With Miley sporting a long black wig and Jimmy going for some kind of Billy Ray Cyrus vibe, the unlikely duo began performing “Jolene” in the middle of the station.

People were instantly drawn by Miley’s recognizable vocals, but it actually took them time to actually believe that it was the real-life Miley Cyrus performing right in front of them.

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Miley and Jimmy finished “Jolene” as they whipped off their wigs, revealing themselves to the crowd. Then they went on with “Party In The USA”, turning the subway station into their own concert venue.

Imagine the luck of these people who just happened to be in the subway when Miley Cyrus was there for an intimate gig!

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