Mickey Rourke settles for a modest duplex rent

Mickey Rourke may have gotten some big projects since his acting comeback. Still, his last movie was a flop, he’s not getting any younger and that showbiz was not as favorable as before. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise if he’s trying to save up for his future. For instance, he transferred from his 5,000 square-foot loft in Manhattan to a modest duplex in Morton Street. But he may not live there for long as he just rented the place for $19,800 and is still looking for practical yet more favorable housing units near Hollywood.  

Mickey Rourke currently rents two floors on this apartment. (Photo credit: Streeteasy.com)


Kitchen (Photo Credit: Streeteasy.com)



(Photo credit: Streeteasy.com)

That’s showbiz for you. One moment your career is skyrocketing to sucess, the next, you’re an old has-been who is struggling to find your next big break. Fame can be overwhelming, but you gotta keep your feet on the ground. Mickey Rourke had a rising acting career in his early years when he starred in box-office hits “9 1/2 Weeks” with Kim Basinger and. He did return to his first passion though, which is boxing. He had a good run on his boxing career for a few years until he finally retired and went back to acting. But at least Rourke’s career isn’t totally over. He’s set to star in yet another challenging role as a gay rugby player in a yet-to-be-titled movie.

According to reports, Mickey Rourke is considering the famous Apthorp condominium where units are sold for 3 to 4 million on an average. He and her Russian girlfriend went into the Apthorp condominium to check out units for sale. Some A-listers have dropped by Apthorpe to check favorable living units as well, including Brangelina, Bruce Willis, and Matt Damon.


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