Meet Game Designers and Win Exclusive Prizes at This Fun Board Game Expo in Bangkok

CMON Limited is proud to announce the return of CMON Expo Bangkok on November 4th-5th at the Samyan Mitrtown in Bangkok, Thailand. The event is a two-day Board Game extravaganza that brings the best global tabletop experiences directly to Asia.

Publishers from Europe, US, and Asia, as well as CMON itself, will demo their latest releases and reveal new games for the first time. This will be the biggest CMON Expo ever, with over 2,500 square meters of event space, and it will feature official tournaments with exclusive prizes, while game designers will be on hand to meet fans, hold signings, and play games. 

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Photo: CMON Limited

Targeted for the Asian board game audience, the event hopes to gather everyone in Asia who loves playing board games – whether casual gamers, families, or hobby veterans.  

Designed as an ideal mix of East and West, the event showcases publishers from twelve different countries all over the world: Thailand, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Australia, France, Germany, Poland, Finland, and the USA.

Scheduled vendors and publishers include CMON Studio, AEG, IELLO, Board and Dice, Feuerland, Tabletop Tycoon, Oink, Portal Games, Blue Orange, Klask, Tower Tactic Games, Japon Brand, Mandoo Games, Solis Game Studio, Capital Gains Studio, Mitra Nirwana Games, Sabobatage, Meeple in Saigon, Alchymyst, and more. 


Photo: CMON Limited

Special guests include CMON designer Fabio Cury (Marvel Zombies, Song of Ice and Fire: The Miniatures Game), Spiel des Jahres winner, designer Randy Flynn (Cascadia, Cascadia Landmarks), and debut designer Matthias Wigge (Ark Nova, Ark Nova: Marine Worlds).  

CMON Expo is also the host of the Eureka Boardgame Designer Awards – an annual design competition for aspiring board game designers, culminating in a commitment by CMON to publish the Grand Winner’s design.


Photo: CMON Limited

Attendees can participate in the new Zombicide Experience, a never-ending campaign of Zombicide held throughout the weekend, where players can hop in and out of the game, earning XP to win exclusive loot and prizes.

In addition, A Song of Ice & Fire: The Miniatures GameRealms of Battle Asia Invitational Tournament will be a two-day event, where the top players in the game battle it out to win the coveted championship and be named Warden of the East.

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Photo: CMON Limited

Miniature painting enthusiasts can also submit entries to the Crystal Brush Awards, which is coming to Asia for the first time. Six categories of miniature painting will be open for entries and judging, with the winners walking away with trophies, and up to $ 2,000 in cash prize.

For ticketing, event schedule, and more, please visit the official CMON Expo Bangkok website ( and follow the CMON Expo Facebook Page (