Meet Emilia Aguinaldo: EAC’s Resident Cat Staff

There have been a lot of stray cats that have been institutionalized and adopted by certain organizations such as museums, parks, and schools. They become a vital part, and sometimes, they also serve as an additional attraction to the place.

Well, here’s a story of another fortunate animal.

Meet Emilia. She is a stray cat who has been wandering around the halls of Emilio Aguinaldo College in Cavite for more than two years now. Luckily, the school’s Admission office was kind enough to adopt her and her lovely kittens. They even gave her an identification card that certifies her as an official staff of the said office.

Both administrators and students in the school saw his potential in keeping the mice away from the books and the food in the cafeteria. And yes, everyone in the school seems to love and care for Emilia and her babies.

We hope more institutions can volunteer in giving stray cats and other stray animals a home.

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