A Step-by-step Guide on Pet Adoption in the Philippines

Pet parents can attest that coming home to a happy ball of fur can help take the stress of the day away. Seeing your dog run towards you for a big hug once you opened the front door is just what you need after a day of worrying about deadlines. The little paws of your cat massaging your head while you lie down in your couch can make you forget about your mean boss or terror teacher.

Not a pet parent?

No worries, there are lots of pets waiting to be adopted in local animal shelters. Here’s a step-by-step guide on pet adoption in the Philippines.

1. Fill up the application form.

The application form contains basic information inquiries and questions that will help the advocates get to know more about you.

You can usually download the forms from websites of the shelter you’re eyeing. Once filled up, bring it to the adoption center for processing.

2. Meet and greet the animals.

Once your application has been processed, you will be given the chance to meet the animals in the shelter and hopefully find your new furry friend.

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3. Ace the interviews.

You will have to go through a series of two to three interviews which will serve as the basis of your abilities as a pet parent and will also help the shelter in finding the perfect pet for you.

Don’t worry, the interviews will depend on your preferred schedule.

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4. Pass the home visit.

An ocular visit to your home will be done by the advocates in order to make sure that you have a pet-friendly environment.

5. Visit your chosen adoptee.

Before taking your chosen pet home, the shelter will schedule you to visit your adoptee for at least three times to ensure your compatibility.

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6. Take your new pet home.

It’s finally time to take your baby ball of fur home. Before releasing, you’ll have to pay an adoption fee. Php 500 for cats and P 1,000 for dogs which covers spaying/neutering, vaccinations, deworming, and basic obedience training.


Follow these six steps and you won’t only have a loving pet, you’ll also get to save a life. Always remember, why shop when you can adopt?

Have you adopted a pet before? Share your adoption experience in the comments.