5 Ways To Save and Help Homeless Animals in the Philippines

With the increasing number of abused and abandoned animals in the country, more and more people are needed to ensure that all pets are loved and treated properly.

There’s more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. Not literally, of course. Thus, here are five (5) ways to help homeless pets depending on your lifestyle, availability and capability.

5. Adopt

Are you planning to have a pet soon? If your answer’s yes, then adoption is for you. Did you know that it’s way cheaper to adopt than buy? Plus, studies show that mixed breed animals actually live longer.

There are several non-governmental organizations that take care of adoptable animals. The process usually starts with application, interview and a home check. It’s all worth it because once you pass the screening, you get to be with your  new paw baby. Plus, if you still have a room in your hearts and homes for these loving pets, then please adopt and change lives.

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4. Foster

Being a foster parent means temporarily taking care of homeless pets until they get adopted. Fostering is basically saving animal lives. Instead of wandering in the streets and being open to all kinds of danger, when you foster pets, they have higher chances of survival and adoption.

3. Rescue

Do you know any abused dog in your neighborhood or have you seen an abandoned kitten in the streets? Rescue them by reporting their whereabouts to the Philippine Animal Rescue Team. You may also save homeless pets by bringing them home and nursing them back to health.

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2. Volunteer

Are pets not allowed in your house or condo unit? You can volunteer! Share your talents, skills, passions and time for the benefit of sheltered animals. NGOs like CARA Welfare Philippines and Philippine Animal Welfare Society need more help in order to save more lives.

1. Donate

If you don’t have the time and space to adopt, foster, rescue and volunteer, you can help these animals by donating. No amount is too small. Donations go to food, medicine and vaccination. You may also donate in kind by giving pet food, toys, and the like.

Feeling extra generous? You may opt to sponsor a pet’s food, vaccinations, medical care, spaying/neutering and toys. In return, you may visit your sponsored pet and will receive regular updates about your paw baby.

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Homeless animals deserve happy and healthy lives too. Give them a chance to have that by engaging on at least one of these options, or even through your own unique way.

How do you help homeless animals? Tell us in the comments!