WATCH: This Stray Dog Story Will Touch Your Heart

In a world surrounded by people who choose to shop rather than adopt, there are still good souls who open their hearts and homes for animals in need. When In Manila, being a community of animal lovers, believes that stories like these should be shared and heard.

So, here’s a story about a homeless dog who found a family that loves her.

Neglected by her owner, Tintin became a starving stray dog. One day, while she was looking for food on the streets, a car accidentally hit her which disabled her from walking properly.

Fortunately, Tintin was rescued by a loving hooman, in the name of Condel Batac, who welcomed her into his life. She was nursed back to health and spayed. A month later, through continuous love and care, Tintin was able to walk again.

Thanks to her new family, Tintin is now beautiful, loved and healthy. Plus, she just celebrated her birthday recently. Belated happy barkday, Tintin!

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