Meat Plus Cafe is a Carnivore’s Paradise

Are you looking for a place to satisfy your carnivorous cravings without spending too much? Then Meat Plus Cafe is the place to be!

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Famous for their US-grade beef, Meat Plus Cafe has always been a must-visit for those who go to the Subic and Clark Freeport Zones. In fact, a lot of tourists from Manila go to Subic or Clark just to satisfy their cravings at Meat Plus. Well, Meat Plus has finally opened a branch in Manila. Hooray!

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Can we take a second to admire how cute this is?

What initially started as a meat and toy retail store, the Subic-based American-style steakhouse has grown to become a notable restaurant in the area. Locals and tourists are sure to agree that a trip to Subic would not be complete without dining at Meat Plus. Because of this, Meat Plus decided to expand to the Clark Freeport Zone and SM Mall of Asia.

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Choose your steak and have it cooked or take it home!

To last around 25 years in the industry, Meat Plus Cafe has made it a point to maintain the quality and prices of their high-class products. This is also the main reason why it took a long time for them to open a branch in Manila despite the high demand for one. Nevertheless, Meat Plus was able to deliver and hopes to expand even more in the future!

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Here are some of their renowned dishes:

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Potato Skins – Php75

If you’re a self-proclaimed potato lover, then you’ll love this! Served with cheese and ranch dips, this dish matches any other dish at Meat Plus Cafe!

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The Bomb – Php105

A bite or two of this dish won’t be enough. At first bite, you’ll know why it is called “The Bomb”!

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Oven Roasted Beef Belly – Php365

Being one of the most popular dishes in Meat Plus, this is a MUST-TRY! Beef belly slices are roasted until they’re soft and tender. They are served with mixed veggies, rice, and soup on the side. You’ll definitely keep coming back for more!

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BBQ Pork Ribs – Php385

Are you big on ribs? At Meat Plus Cafe, moist and tender barbecued ribs are served with a sweet sauce, as well as java rice and mixed veggies on the side.

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Meat Plus Burger and Fries – Php295

Another crowd-pleaser has made it to Meat Plus’ menu! Two juicy US-beef burgers are piled high on buns with cheese and more. French fries and coleslaw are served with it, too.

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Grilled Chicken – Php265

Love Chicken? Try their satisfying Grilled Chicken! Chicken fillets are grilled until they’re moist and tender, and are served with garlic rice, mixed veggies, and sauce on the side.

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US Beef Salpicao – Php355

Yes, you read it right! That’s U.S. beef used in a Filipino dish! Chunky US beef cubes ae cooked salpicao-style, and served with garlic rice and mixed veggies on the side. Insider Tip: Put some of the sauce on the garlic rice and enjoy heaven one bite at a time!

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1-piece Chicken and Spaghetti – Php215

Craving the chicken-and-spaghetti combo? Meat Plus has got you covered! A generous serving of Filipino-style spaghetti is served with their take on the worldwide-favorite, fried chicken. Insider Tip: We highly suggest that you ask for the chicken to be cooked for six minutes! Try it! You won’t regret it!

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Rib-eye US Beef Steak

And the reason why folks keep coming back for more: Meat Plus’ Steak! At Meat Plus Cafe, you get to choose your own steak from the freezer and have it cooked according to your preference. It is then served with java rice and mixed veggies. The best part? They offer a wide variety of steak cuts like rib-eye, tenderloin, and more! Insider Tip: You can have them cook the fat until it’s crispy!

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Homemade Apple Pie – Php165

To top everything off, have a slice of their Homemade Apple Pie! Apart from their famous steak, Meat Plus Cafe also takes pride in their apple pie. Some folks even order boxes of their freshly-cooked apple pies to go! Insider Tip: the apple pie is best served ala mode (with a scoop of vanilla ice cream)! You may request this from their friendly staff.

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Chocolate Cake – Php155

Like their Apple Pie, their Chocolate Cake won’t disappoint either! Served ala mode, you’ll definitely want more! Insider Tip: ask them to heat the cake for 30 seconds for an ultimate hot and cold dessert experience!

I am certain that by the time you get here, your mouth will be watering! So, what are you waiting for, folks? Head to the SM Mall of Asia with your family and friends to experience good times and good food at Meat Plus Cafe!

Meat Plus Cafe

G/F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay (across SM By the Bay)

Monday – Sunday: 10AM – 10PM

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