A Meat-Lover Visits The Vegetarian Kitchen

I am not fond of eating vegetables.

I remember there would be two viands on the table when I was growing up: one was mostly meat and the other was mostly vegetables. I would normally go for the meat and my parents would consistently remind me that I have two options. It’s either I would be the one to put vegetables on my plate or they would be the ones to do the “honor”. I would always choose the former since the latter would mean more vegetables on my plate.

On the onset of the information age, we are always reminded not just by our parents, but also by our news feed on the need to stay healthy by eating healthy. Sadly, not all palates are built for that (just ask my tongue).

So, what if a meat-lover visits The Vegetarian Kitchen?

The Vegetarian Kitchen 1

The Vegetarian Kitchen is a quaint restaurant located at the heart of the bustling Quezon City. It is located along Mother Ignacia Avenue fronting Saint Mary’s College, so it’s easy to find.

The Vegetarian Kitchen 2

The place is quaint and has a very relaxing feel. I could probably stay there for hours.

The Vegetarian Kitchen 3

Take note that all of the dishes being served are meat-free. It took quite some time for them to serve the orders since they only cook them once the orders have already been placed. Here’s what we got:

The Vegetarian Kitchen 5

Grilled steak sandwich with bell peppers, mushrooms, potato wedges and gravy. I really love how the flavor combines in the mouth with a very meaty taste.

The Vegetarian Kitchen 6

Grilled vegetable Cous Cous Paella.

The Vegetarian Kitchen 7

Grilled salmon with coriander pesto.

I honestly couldn’t tell the difference between this veggie salmon from real salmon. The texture, aroma and taste are very similar. It was also related to us that some full-pledged vegetarians first become hesitant upon seeing this dish.

The menu is written on four boards.

Written on first three boards are the signature dishes of The Vegetarian Kitchen:

The Vegetarian Kitchen 8

The Vegetarian Kitchen 9

The Vegetarian Kitchen 10

The fourth board showcases the internationally-themed dishes. It changes every month along with the decors. During our visit, they had a Filipino theme ongoing.The Vegetarian Kitchen 11

As is evident in the pictures, the plating of the dishes is very visually satisfying. But what about the taste?

If I will choose one word to describe the taste of the food at The Vegetarian Kitchen, it would be “inclusive”. That is in the sense that their dishes have the capability to leave a happy imprint on the palate of vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, including a choosy kid who doesn’t like to eat his vegetables.

The Vegetarian Kitchen establishes itself well in the crossroads of the way of life of both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. It is a place where friends can meet, chat and have fun without the inhibitions that may arise due to the disparity of their practices.

As for the choosy “kid” who doesn’t like his vegetables, I believe it’s time for you to create palatable memories with vegetables. The Vegetarian Kitchen is a great place to start.

The Vegetarian Kitchen

#62 Mother Ignacia Avenue (in front of St. Mary’s College), Quezon City, Philippines

Open from Tuesday to Saturday – 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

Landline: (02)355 5622

Mobile: 0915 830 0511