Mcclaugherty: Your One Stop Shop for Laptop Cases and More

Mcclaugherty: Your One Stop Shop for Laptop Cases and More

When in Manila and out and about for meetings with a Macbook in hand, worries such as keeping the laptop scratch free and dust free are always a top priority. So it’s a good thing that there are online stores like Mcclaugherty which offer case protection for your prized Macbook. (If you’re looking for internal protection against viruses and etc, click here.)


I’m the type of person who carries her Macbook around almost every day. But because I haven’t been the best person when it comes to taking care of it, my 4 year-old companion has suffered a few scratches here and there. As much as I’d like to say that these marks contain priceless stories of A+ papers and presentations, I know that it would just be an excuse. So let me be honest and chalk it up to my negligence.

Mcclaugherty, is practically a godsend for people like me. Honestly, I think laptop cases are one of the niftiest things ever, and I would highly recommend them for users who are constantly lugging around their gadgets around. 

Nowadays, with all the available offerings in the market, these cases are not only a functional item but a great way to inject some personality on a laptop as well.


Mcclaugherty offers a selection of laptop cases ranging from vibrant colors with a matte finish to those with a more intricate design such as florals or polkadots. If you’re looking for a great conversation starter, I suggest choosing one of the printed designs. Personally though, I prefer a much simpler case that comes in a stark color; there’s just nothing like the security of seeing my laptop a mile away with the help of my loudly colored laptop case. 


The online shop offers keyboard protectors, dust plugs, and LCD protectors as well. Frankly, I’ve never really realized the importance of keyboard protectors until after I received a Macbook of my own. I find the Macbook keyboard absolutely stylish and I’ve developed a liking to the sounds made as I type, but do trust me when I say that the spaces left in between the keys can become a lair for crumbs and dust. Definitely make a mental note to include this in your next Mcclaugherty purchase.

Closed Laptop

When In Manila and looking for your next laptop accessory, don’t hesitate to type Shop Mcclaugherty on your search bar and start scrolling! 

P.S. Did you know that besides gadget accessories, Mcclaugherty also provides clothing and closet staples for the stylish and fashion forward? Have a look at the website today!


Mcclaugherty: Your One Stop Shop for Laptop Cases and More


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