Protect+ Apple Gadget Insurance Protection for iPads, iPods, iMacs, Macbooks and more

When In Manila, it’s time to really protect your expensive and important Apple Gadgets with Protect+



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What is Protect +?


Protect + is a new “gadget” that will fortify your Apple experience. It is a very practical tool that will enhance the protection of your Apple gadget specifically Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, iMac, iMac Mini, iPad, iPod.


Protect + ensures that your gadgets are repaired or replaced conveniently without interrupting your activities. It is an extension to your AppleCare warranty that covers theft and accidental damages to your Apple gadget.


It offers you a FREE 30-day trial within 7 days from date of purchase. Apple Protect Plus has flexible terms when it comes to duration of coverage and payment of premiums. It is available to you within 14 days from date of purchase.


Sometimes, we just have no control over thieves who may break in to our private space and unexpected things could happen to our gadget, let someone else worry about it. PhilFire Protect + will be there to take the hassle.




Protect + Benefits


Philfire will indemnify the insured against the cost of Repair or the Replacement of the Equipment (with similar specifications, which may be by way of refurbished equipment).


Philfire Insurance shall only be liable to pay for a maximum of (2) Repairs during the period of Insurance.



Protect + Coverage


12 Months Protection from Accidental Damage


Standard Repairs and Unit Replacement


12 Months Protection from Theft


Protect + is indeed a lot more affordable as compared to the existing one. This means protecting your gadgets without spending excessively and flexible payment terms are available.




How to Activate Protect+

Visit your nearest DigitalHub store to purchase your favorite apple gadget.


Ask for assistance from the sales representative to register for the 30-day free trial of the Protect Plus.


Visit the PhilFire website at


Click on the Products and choose “Protect+”


Create your own account by supplying your personal information and details of your purchase. (Purchase should be within 7 Days of purchase)


Successful Registration will be confirmed by means of an email verification of your purchase details.


For 6 and 12 months coverage, your insurance policies will be delivered to your preferred addresses



For more inquiries, you can visit any DigitalHub stores.

DigitalHub Facebook :

DigitalHub Twitter: @DigitalHub_RP



Protect+ Apple Gadget Insurance Protection for iPads, iPods, iMacs, Macbooks and more


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