Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge

Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge

Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge WhenInManila 1

Recognizing Culinary Excellence in the Barangays

When in Manila, culinary experts whipping up exquisite Filipino dishes are not only chefs from hotels and restaurants. They are found in where most people satisfy their appetites like carinderias, eateries, food stalls, and canteens too!

The Philippines has a rich food culture that can be found everywhere; in places ranging from fancy restaurants to carinderias and food stalls in the street. Yes, Pinoys appreciate a wide variety of flavors simply because they love food. One thing’s for sure, they would always remain loyal to local cooking and one of the best places to find them are in different food hubs in the barangays.

On its 7th year, Master Chefs pays tribute to the culinary prowess of the barangay. Master Chefs highlights the everyday excellence displayed by cooks working in carinderias, canteens, food stalls and kitchens at home. These great unsung Master Chefs continue to work hard every day creating delightful dishes filling up the rumbling stomachs and satisfying the appetites of their customers.

Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge’s launch on September 5, 2013 marks the start of cooking competitions to be held in all 37 SM Hypermarkets nationwide. What’s new is the Barangay Cooking Idol; a competition open not only to anyone who cooks well those interested should have other talents too to wow the crowd like signing, dance, or act; anything amazing is welcome. At the end of it all, Master Chefs 2013 will introduce a new breed of super chefs that are not only exemplary cooks but also talented individuals.

Master Chefs 2013 will also reinvent the Pinoy’s all-time favorites by mixing up adobo, sinigang, pochero, kare-kare, chopsuey, caldereta, menudo, pinakbet, with the Master Brands Nestle All-Purpose Cream, Maggi Magic Sarap and Maggi Savor, CDO Funtastyk, Idol Cheesedog, Bibbo Hotdog, and Ulamburger, Bounty Fresh Gourmet Chicken and Nuggets, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdogs, Stuffed Nuggets and Chicken Drummets, and Unilever Knorr Soups and ready mixes. Master Chefs puts talented cooks in the limelight as they create revolutionary dishes that can make anyone instantly hungry.

And to add a little more spice to the event, Chef Hasset Go was chosen as the face of Master Chefs 2013. Chef Hasset traces his roots back to the very first Master Chefs in 2006 which was then known as Super Chefs where he was still under the wing of master baker Chef Heny Sison.

Moreover, chefs like Chef Paolo Sia, Chef Kris Alcedo, and more will join the events and show people just how creative one can get with the Master Brands and add more color to the Barangay flavor.

The barangay holds a lot of great cooking skills in its arsenal and it’s just fitting that the culinary world recognizes its prowess. Because full meals and snacks purchased from food stalls, carinderias, and eateries are masterful creations of Master Chefs in the Barangay.

Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge WhenInManila 2

Master Chefs 2013 Barangay Cooking Challenge