Marriott Cafe Highlights Filipino Favorites in Extended Heritage Month Celebration

National Heritage Month may be over, but there might just still be a way to celebrate it. Marriott Hotel Manila is extending the festivities and celebrating Filipino heritage through food by incorporating well-loved Filipino dishes into their Art-Taste-Tic dinner buffet at Marriott Cafe.

Marriott Buffet (28)
Led by Executive Chef Meik Brammer and Sous Chef Bryan Gonzalez, Marriott Cafe offers Filipino favorites on top of their regular spread, totaling up to 40+ dishes – desserts not included.



Marriott Cafe Sous ChefMarriott’s Sous Chef Bryan Salarzon

Filipino street food starts the buffet lineup, featuring dishes like chicharong bulaklak (deep fried pork cracklings), grilled pork gizzard, tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork), and a selection of palamig playfully displayed in the iconic plastic containers with red covers to go with these appetizers.

Marriot Cafe Buffet 2Photo from Marriott Hotel Manila


The soup station is a must-visit on rainy days. Bulalo (beef shank soup) and tamarind broth that have been simmering for hours in two hanging cauldrons are poured by a ladle into a bowl, served with meat or seafood and delivered hot and steaming to the table.

Marriott Buffet (6)


Fans of kare-kare (peanut stew with oxtail) and okoy (shrimp patties) will be glad to know there are exclusive stations for both dishes. The okoy is cooked and served on the spot, while the kare-kare is available in seafood or meat in either coconut or peanut stew.

Marriot Cafe Buffet - Kare-Kare Station

Marriott Cafe BuffetPhoto from Marriott Hotel Manila

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