Manly / Womanly Provides All the Support You Need for Sports

Do you workout on a regular basis? I am a newbie aerialist and the aerial arts come with the need for proper support, particularly for your knees and elbows. Unfortunately, I’ve always had a hard time finding the proper support; and whenever I asked my fellow aerialists for recommendations, they’d always point me towards international brands that are either hard to find or are too hard on the wallet.

So, when I came across local brand Manly / Womanly and found out they provided the kind of knee and elbow support that I desperately needed, I was beyond ecstatic. Not only do they provide what I need, all of their products are also locally manufactured and produced. Plus, their products are of high quality yet affordable at the same time. What better way to support the Philippine market and economy?

Padded Elbow

Manly was originally founded 40 years ago by Gobind Sitlani, the father of Helen Vaswani, the CEO and President of the company today. It started when Gobind was flipping through GQ and other fashion magazines, and noticed a trend for supporters in Australia. The supporter briefs were one of their first products, and since it was a masculine item, the name ‘Manly‘ came about. The company is now run by Helen along with her husband Vinod Vaswani.

Padded Knee

That’s not all, either. Since Manly has been in the market for so long, tbey have become a trusted partner of orthopedic doctors who know how well Manly has maintained their quality. Because of this, they tend to recommend Manly’s products to their patients who might need certain types of support. In fact, you can get the products that you might need tailor-made by Manly to fit your needs.

Dry Fit Sports Bra

Because of this trust, aside from supplying to local department stores such as Planet Sports, JB Sports, Sports Warehouse, Olympic Village, The Athlete’s Foot, Landmark, InterSport, Toby’s Sport, All Sport, Metro Gaisano, Gaisano Grand; Manly is also well-loved and respected by orthopedic doctors and can be found in the Philippine Orthopedic Institute and Cardinal Santos.

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So if you’re looking for support that you can trust, Manly/Womanly is the brand to run to. 🙂

Manly / Womanly


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