Check Out These Local Activewear Brands That Will Stand the Test of Time

There are a lot of stylish and functional activewear brands out there, but let’s be honest: a lot of the time, these activewear brands don’t stand the test of time. Too much stretching may lead to rips, and too many cycles in the laundry machine may lead to discoloration. That isn’t the case with these awesome activewear brands that we are currently obsessed with.

3 Local Activewear Brands That Will Stand the Test of Time

Gametime Philippines (@gametimeph)


Gametime is a family-owned business that is engaged in the design, development, marketing, and selling of athletic apparel and accessories for a wide variety of sports and fitness activities (e.g. basketball, training, yoga, cycling, and even lifestyle wear). Ever since 2004, it has been their goal to create easy, comfortable, and lightweight apparel that can help enhance people’s sports performance.

Gametime Activewear

Photos from Gametime Philippines

Being a sports-oriented family, they saw the positive impact of an active lifestyle in terms of health and character, and they wanted to promote that lifestyle through their products. Since they are athletes themselves, they know the importance of wearing the right workout gear to allow people to become fearless. All of Gametime’s products are of the highest quality and provide the utmost comfort and functionality. Since they only use high-performance fabrics and materials (CoolTech), you can expect them to be breathable and lightweight, too.

You can find Gametime’s retail shops in 168 Mall, Market! Market!, and Cash and Carry. They also have online shops at Zalora, Shopee, Lazada, and their official website: http://www.gametimephilippines.com

Manly Womanly (@manly_womanly)


Manly has been around for 50 years now, while its spin-off, Womanly, has been around for six. Now catering to the demands of both men and women, Manly’s products are carefully crafted and handpicked to fit the different demands and trends of the fitness industry. From support gear to gym gear to cycling gear, Manly’s products are carefully studied and customized according to people’s orthopedic needs.

Manly Womanly Activewear

Shot by: Cereaal Studio
Talents: Risha Rodriguez, Pilar Recto, Viktoriya Pastushenka

Manly’s products are of top quality and are available at affordable prices. Their activewear is comfortable, colorful, and stylish, and they are available in a wide array of sizes so you won’t have any trouble finding pieces that suit you. Read our article on their support gear here.

Liberté Activewear PH (@liberteactiveph)

Justine Enide Lacaba, the owner of  Liberté Activewear PH, shares that she used to wear loose shirts and regular shorts while working out because she was afraid that her body wasn’t perfect enough for cute activewear. It wasn’t until last year that she finally mustered the confidence to amp up her workout wardrobe. That’s when she realized that the right activewear can really give people confidence and the motivation to stay fit and active. Liberté Activewear PH was created to encourage women to feel good in their own bodies by helping them work out comfortably without spending too much.

Liberte Activewear

Photo from Liberté Activewear

Liberté Activewear aims to empower people with the same passion to be confidently active by wearing comfortable high-performance activewear that is both functional and stylish. And boy, are they comfortable. In fact, Liberté Activewear is currently my favorite activewear brand to date! They are proof that quality doesn’t have to be expensive – and we love them for it!

What’s your favorite activewear brand at the moment? Share your favorite finds with us!

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