Manila Pop Up Presents Delectable Seafood Sandwiches by Erwan Heussaff

Manila Pop Up
 is one of the most interesting companies that I have come across When in Manila so far. What Manila Pop Up does, in a nutshell, is host pop-up events under line marketing and guerilla strategies. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I was able to witness how effective Manila Pop Up‘s strategies actually are when I went to BRGR Project on Jupiter Street for Erwan Heussaff‘s Seafood Sandwiches Manila Pop Up Event.



Now, get this: I told myself that I would arrive at the Manila Pop Up event at exactly 12:00 noon – on the dot! – to get first dibs on the seafood sandwiches that Erwan Heussaff had to offer. I also already picked out the seafood sandwiches that I wanted to order on their Facebook page the day before and I also wanted to get there early, so that I could make it to my barre3 workout in Alabang on time. Little did I know that was all just wishful thinking!



Manila Pop Up Seafood Sandwiches with Erwan Heussaff


Manila Pop Up signage outside BRGR Project, Jupiter Avenue.



Upon arriving at BRGR Project with fellow foodie Anton Miranda – at 11:45am… earlier than I even planned to be there! – I was surprised to see people already lined up to taste Manila Pop Up Seafood Sandwiches for themselves. When I approached the door, I was stopped and told that we had to take a number and wait. It turns out there were already 95 other people waiting in the restaurant next door, the coffee shop down the block, at their cars, and across the street for their turn to sample what Erwan Heussaff and Manila Pop Up had to offer that day. Intense!



Manila Pop Up Seafood Sandwiches with Erwan Heussaff


Window teasers of what to expect from Manila Pop Up and Erwan Heussaff’s Seafood Sandwiches.



Believe it or not, we were still waiting in line for Manila Pop Up‘s Seafood Sandwiches by 2pm. I actually witnessed some of the people leave because they were getting impatient and hungry. Am I impatient? Yes. Was I hungry? By that time, DEFINITELY. But all I could think was, “That’s right. Leave. Leave and make the waiting process shorter for me.” I’m selfish like that.



At 2:30pm, it was finally our turn to enter Manila Pop Up at BRGR Project! Hallelujah! I could taste the seafood sandwiches already. When I walked in, though, I was taken aback by the swamped interior. My blogger self actually cried because there was no way I would be able to take proper pictures of the place, let alone find a place to sit amongst the hullabaloo; but that was the ultimate sign that Manila Pop Up‘s Seafood Sandwiches event was an extremely successful one.



Manila Pop Up Seafood Sandwiches with Erwan Heussaff


The Manila Pop Up menu for Erwan Heussaff’s seafood sandwiches of the day.


After ordering our seafood sandwiches, we were ushered to the restaurant next door since there was no place for us to sit at the actual Manila Pop Up location itself. And then we waited some more. Some people around us started complaining, but nobody was leaving. It seems that we weren’t the only ones adamant in finding out what Erwan Heussaff’s seafood sandwiches taste like!



By 4pm, it was pretty clear that I wasn’t going to be able to work out after the Manila Pop Up event, thus killing my streak of working out every day. I just kept praying that it would all be worth it in the end.



During the wait, there was a lot of confusion with the orders and so we had to wait even longer. By 5pm, we finally had our very, very late lunch of Manila Pop Up seafood sandwiches in front of us.



To check out the Manila Pop Up seafood sandwiches by Erwan Heussaff that we devoured and to find out whether the seafood sandwiches were actually worth it, read the next page! 🙂



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