barre3 Philippines: The Perfect Solution for a Longer and Stronger You

When in Manila, you are sure to find yourself torn between which new fitness trend to try out, follow and obsess about, especially now that the temperature is heating up and reminding you that you don’t have that perfect beach bod yet. Well, I just stumbled upon the perfect solution for everyone: barre3 Philippines!

Beware: none of these photos are Photoshopped, so be prepared to be stunned by the amount of fat rolls that I hope to lose through barre3 Philippines! :p


With Gerd Perez who gamingly took my photos at barre3 Philippines‘ Alabang Town Center branch.


Before anything else, let me tell you one thing: it isn’t easy being a hands-on mom of a toddler. Which I am. Before this year, I wasn’t able to leave my daughter with anyone without them wanting to pull their hair out. It doesn’t help that all of the fitness trends that I tried out before were all so far away that I ended up wasting four hours of my life just commuting back and forth in order to see results.


Cue barre3 Philippines.




I live in the South. BF Homes, Paranaque, to be exact. Ten minutes away from Alabang Town Center – the haven of one of barre3 Philippines‘ studios. The minute I heard about it, I knew it could be perfect for me. The minute I stepped into the studio for the first time, though, I knew it was indeed perfect for me.



The Alabang branch of barre3 Philippines is located in The Spa, so the minute you walk in, you are greeted with good vibes due to the calming scent in the air – a scent that is carried into the studio and remains there until you leave. The scent at barre3 Philippines in itself ensures that you always stay in a good mood, no matter how hard of  a workout you go through there.


The locker area is always clean at barre3 Philippines, too. They even provide you with locker keys instead of asking you to bring your own padlock – something that other studios and gyms tend to do nowadays. The unlimited supply of water is just a bonus!


What I love the most about barre3 Philippines is that you don’t need any experience whatsoever in order to start. All you need is some yoga-like attire, which can consist of a shirt and yoga pants, and socks. All of the props (as seen above) are provided by barre3 Philippines themselves. Don’t forget to bring a tumbler to fill up at the barre3 Philippines studio, though!


Read the next page to find out more about the different kinds of exercise sequences you can expect from barre3 Philippines!


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