Manila International Auto Show 2014: 10 Car Crazy Decades!

Manila International Auto Show 2014: 10 Car Crazy Decades!

Happy 10th Anniversary MIAS!

Happy 10th Anniversary MIAS!

When in Manila, it is apparent that major events happen on a monthly basis and for the month of April, one of the biggest ones was the Manila International Auto Show (MIAS)! Celebrating 10 strong years is an important event for petrol heads as it showcases the newest and finest automobiles in our market today and I’ve been visiting the Manila International Auto Show since 2005!

Founder and President of Worldbex Mr. Joseph Ang

Founder and President of Worldbex Mr. Joseph Ang giving out his speech.

But this is absolutely the first time I’ve been at the opening and as part of the media which gave me early access and a sneak peek of what was in store for the car crazy masses at the World Trade Center. I usually go during the weekends but it is best to go during the weekdays to avoid the crowd.

Did you know: During the 2013 Manila International Auto Show, there were more than 96,000 visitors throughout the 4 day show!

One of the 500 Lexus LFA ever produced.

One of the 500 Lexus LFA ever produced.

One can expect the usual everyday passenger car, a classic car, a souped-up car here and there, the luxury car and super cars, but hypercar royalty is rarely displayed like the Lexus LFA! The only hypercar I know off that was created down up with the enjoyment of the driver in mind and the only car that can hold a candle to such pleasure is the Ferrari F12berlinetta (yes, that it is how it is spelled). Not bad for a Japanese manufacturer and from a company better known for producing reliable, affordable and economical daily drivers. In my heart, I wish this car won’t be sold to just any rich businessman that has a 100% chance to crash one of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced car in the world unless he has the driving skill and control of a Tiff Needell, Sebastian Vettel, Sebastian Loeb or the Stig.

Who wouldn't want to ride one?

Who wouldn’t want to ride one?

If you are not car crazy and fancy something with two wheels instead, the Manila International Auto Show won’t disappoint as they got you covered from e-bikes, easy riders to superbikes. If the traffic and motor vehicles accidents in Manila weren’t so rampant and if all of the drivers and riders are disciplined (public and private alike); I would’ve opted to own a scooter myself since it is economical and easy to maintain. Vespas will never be as thrilling as a Suzuki Hayabusa or as macho as a Harley, but they do ooze with cool and are always in style. Who wouldn’t want a Vespa?

Old is cool, 'nuff said.

Old is cool, ’nuff said.

Aside from motor vehicles, car accessories are also on display like rims, mufflers, tires, windshields, wipers, floor mats and used European car plates. You can also purchase some non-car related items at the show, like magazines, clocks, hotel reservations, head massagers and a coal powered cookers.

Your Senator's or Congressman's next vehicle.

Your Senator’s or Congressman’s next vehicle. Photo by fellow When In Manila photographer Rolan Garcia

The Manila International Auto Show is a very important event for the car industry as it also announces or shows what is to be in the future like Rolls Royce (who would’ve known?) would be opening its dealer doors in the Philippines soon.

Russ Swift

Russ Swift presenting the 2015 Subaru WRX.

Then there is Subaru and possibly my favorite car manufacturer since the days of the Subaru Impreza WRX GC8 strutting it’s stuff at the World Rally Championship. When I was a kid and is still dreaming of owning one someday and I am still a kid at heart. Subaru unveiled the latest and one of the fastest sedans out of the factory known to man, which is also easy to drive that can make even your mom a driving legend. What could be better than this 270hp monster for the masses? Well the rally bred, tarmac ripping and road gripping all wheel drive 300hp 2015 Subaru WRX STI of course!

Legendary stunt driver Russ Swift also displayed his inhuman driving skills and car control during the 4-day event.


The latest player in our market, Tata Motors.

With the influx of Chinese cars during the recent years which, finally Tata Motors officially entered the market. Unbeknownst to the general masses, Tata Motors is one of the biggest in the industry and is also internationally known as a manufacturer of affordable and highly dependable vehicles.

Fun Fact: They also own the Jaguar Land Rover brand.

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