Mango Tree Café’s First in the South

When in manila, and you’re craving for Thai food, you have to go to Mango Tree Café where they bring the new Thai wave in the Philippines! South people, I have good news for you! Now you don’t have to go all the way to Trinoma or Makati just to have the best Thai Food because Mango Tree Café is ready to serve a legit Thai food experience we can have, only at SM Southmall Las-piñas! Living in the south metro, we usually don’t have the restaurants that are found in the north, so I was surprised when I heard that Mango Tree Café is opening their first branch here in the south. 


When I think of Thai Food, I instantly think of it as a spicy cuisine, like they have marinated their dishes in chili. But my thinking changed when I tasted Mango Tree Café’s dishes. It gave me a new idea of Thai Food.

I ordered the Grapow pork platter since the waited told me that it’s their best dish in the house. As he was serving me the Grapow, I was a bit skeptical in eating it because you can really see the chili all over the meat, (don’t get me wrong I like spicy food but not so much that I’ll burn my tongue) so as I was about to take a bite I already prepared my mind that it would be very spicy, but the as I was chewing and savoring the Grapow platter  I pretty surprised, despite of it having the crushed chili all over the dish it wasn’t that spicy! It has a touch of saltiness, sweetness and spiciness all together making the dish explicit! Now you can enjoy Thai food at its best without worrying that it’s spicy! (For those who don’t like spicy food this is a good start to think again and enjoy it.) 


Grapow  Rice 

I also brought my sister along so I can share my foodie experience with her (food trip is a really good bonding with the family) so we ordered her favorite dish in every restaurant that we eat, spare ribs. I also loved how crunchy it was outside and soft inside, the spare ribs had a touch of spicy but the flavor of the sesame oil over ruled making it a blast in your mouth. Everything has balance, it wasn’t too spicy, sweet, nor too salty. The mixture was A okay! 


 Ribs Adobo

Here are the other main dishes that I liked!





Pineapple Rice 


6Mamuang – Green Mango Salad 








Now I’m really not a dessert person, but as I took a bite of the Mango Sticky Rice, before I knew it I was finishing the whole plate! It had balance sweetness! The coconut white sauce blended the mangoes’ sweet and sour taste. Oh I loved how every taste didn’t over power a flavor. This dessert is something that you’d like for another round! 


So when in manila, and you’re from the south like me, go to Mango Tree Café at SM Southmall. Experience the Thai new wave of foodie experience! Open to serve you a legit Thai cuisine on mall hours. 


 Mango Tree Cafe is located at SM Southmall, Food Street, Ground Level, 

For inquiries and reservations you may contact  them at 218 – 1076 and 0927 81139383

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Mango Tree Café’s First in the South 


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