Man Who Transformed to Real Life “Ken Doll” Passes Away

Celso Santibanes, a Brazilian man who spent £30,000 (about PhP 2.07 million) for plastic surgery to transform into real life “Ken,” has passed away according to The Daily Mail UK.

Real Life Ken (1)(Photo from: The Daily Mail UK)

The 20-year old man died after contracting pneumonia on a five-month battle with leukemia. He discovered that he has cancer when fillers on his legs became infected.

Santibanes began his transformation to iconic doll who was paired with Barbie when he was 16 years old after winning a modeling contest.

His transformation brought him to stardom where he even charged £10,000 (about PhP 690, 427) per appearance.

Real Life Ken (3)(Photo from: The Daily Mail UK)

As a doll enthusiast, he grew up with a shelf filled with dolls. He said his family has always told him that he looked like a doll.

Before getting sick, Santibanes launched his own line of Celso dolls in Los Angeles.

Real Life Ken (2)(Photo from: The Daily Mail UK)

Santibanes passed away at a university hospital in Uberlandia in the state of Minais Gerais.

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