Make-Your-Own Steaks and Affordable Gastropub Fare at The Butcher Shop and Pub, The Fort (WIN Php 1,000 Worth of GC’s!)


Its hardwood interiors and soft, glowing lightbulb fixtures give The BS Shop and Pub the signature gastropub atmosphere.


Make-Your-Own Steaks and Affordable Gastropub Fare at The Butcher Shop and Pub, The Fort

As if you didn’t have enough options to cloud your judgment, another must-try gastro pub has recently opened along BGC’s busy streets.  Right behind 2nd’s Restaurant at Bonifacio High Street is newcomer The Butcher Shop and Pub, which brings to the table a particularly inspired selection of hearty pub grub for the gourmand boozer without leaving a dent in the wallet. You read that right guys, this place offers affordable eats that match up to its contenders taste and quality-wise.



Hainanese Chicken Rice



 Eggplant Parmigiana



 Sausage Fiesta



 Bacon BBQ Pizza



 Vegan Pizza


The Butcher Shop and Pub’s menu boasts of dishes from various parts of the globe, which make for a mash-up of flavors that are collectively urban, original and surprisingly cohesive in their own offbeat way. There’s their Hainanese Chicken Rice: succulent Hainanese chicken enveloped in a crisp breaded coating and matched with flavorful chicken broth rice, and the rich medley of cheesy tomato and herb-infused flavors in their Eggplant Parmigiana. For the ultimate bar chow, there’s BS Pub’s Sausage Fiesta which has four different kinds of enormous grilled sausages: Weiners, Schublig, Bangers, and The BS Pub’s sausage of the day, piled up and topped with mustard.



Best F^#%ing Pork and Beans Ever 



 Thick Cut Bailey’s French Toast


Not limiting their offerings to that of gastropub fare, The BS Pub also offers a breakfast menu that’s available all day, and features the likes of hearty carb-laden goodness. Must try’s include their eponymous Best F^#%ing Pork and Beans Ever, which really speaks for itself, and the Thick Cut Bailey’s French Toast, with perfectly fluffy toasts coated in a Bailey’s cinnamon batter mixture, adorned with candied walnuts and peanut butter syrup to up the sugar factor and served with thick slabs of smoked bacon on the side.


Find out what all the hype’s about customising your own steaks at The BS Pub, and how you can WIN Php 1,000 GC’s!