Make Your Merienda More Delicious With These Cannolis and Cheese Rolls

We all love cheese and it’s one of my go-to snacks, but give me some cheese rolls, then I’m completely satisfied.

Though there are many cheese rolls in the market today, these cheese rolls from Nothing but Jill is deliciously flakey, crunchy on the outside, and soft on the inside. It is also great to heat in the oven and pair with coffee or hot chocolate.

The flavors of the bread go really well with the cream cheese filling. They are baked fresh every day and are available as plain or dulce de leche. It is available in 6 or 12 pcs.

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If you are craving for something a little sweet, Nothing but Jill offers cannolis that will definitely satisfy your cravings.

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Their crispy and flaky cannolis come with their special cream cheese filling and have different flavors like chocolate, mocha, mocha with roasted almond, and white chocolate oreo. Our favorites are the plain and white chocolate oreo, they are perfect for merienda and even as dessert after a hearty meal.

Aside from Nothing but Jill‘s cheese rolls and cannolis, they also offer cream puffs, strudels, ham croquettes, and many more.

Nothing but Jill