Make Your Christmas Extra Special With These Cakes From Beehive Pastries

At last, the Christmas season is finally upon us! The Christmas tree is up, the colorful tinsel is out, and lights are strung all around to set the festive mood. With gifts piled up and warbling Christmas songs over the radio, a good number of us are in the festive spirit. And although there’s still a pandemic to be wary about, a few adjustments to the holiday traditions (for safety reasons) are in order. Nevertheless, it’s a time for merriment, good cheer, and of course, good food—set in the comfort of our homes.

Just like every family, we too have our share of Christmas traditions. Every Christmas Eve, my family and I gather together to celebrate. Aside from platter after platter of food—buffet-style, of course—desserts are the main staple in our feast. And more often than not, a cake (or two) is on the menu.

The Beehive Pastries 2

Since we wanted something festive this time around, we looked for a place that offers Christmas-themed cakes. And lucky for us, we discovered The Beehive Pastries.

An online shop located in New Manila, Quezon City, The Beehive Pastries is founded by Abbey Weston. Known for its Baked Brie, Apple Crumble, Kitkat Cake, Food for the Gods, and Queso de Bola Cheesecake, this shop offers an extensive selection of sweet and savory treats—from cookies, brownies to cheesecakes, banana loaves, and even savory pies and quiches. And when I say extensive, I mean extensive. It’s literally a one-stop-shop for baked goodies!

Of Christmas-themed Cakes and More

This holiday season, The Beehive Pastries upped their game by offering holiday-themed cakes, not just for parties, but even for gift giving. Made in various sizes and flavors to suit every palate, these cakes are not only showstoppers in their own right during family gatherings, but they make great gifts, too!

The Beehive Pastries 1

1. Christmas Tree Cake (PHP 2,250)

Starting off with the most prominent one, we’ve got the Christmas Tree cake. Decked in forest green swirls of buttercream, ropes of red icing to serve as tinsel, and finished off with golden beads of edible sugar, this showstopper comes complete with a matching fondant star on top. Visually, a stunner. It’s the kind of cake that deserves to be in the center of your dessert spread. The kind of cake that you get if you want to make a statement. The kind of cake that gets guests talking even after the party.

The Beehive Pastries 8

Indulging in this Christmas Tree cake is a different experience in itself because you just don’t know where to start. Because of its size, you can opt to cut from the side or start from the top. In this case, I started on the top.

When I cut into this cake, I was surprised to find an ice cream cone on top—basically the secret behind the perfect triangle shape. But once you remove those layers, you get alternating layers of Red Velvet and Vanilla cake inside. Overall, the cake is moist with notes of creamy vanilla and rich chocolate intertwining in every bite. But the real attention grabber, at least in my book, is the icing. Soft, velvety, and not too sweet, this icing just melts in your mouth, lending a delicate sugary sweetness to the cake. Yum!

2. Junior Cakes (PHP 650 each)

Minimalist cakes and dedication cakes have become increasingly popular, which is why many brands have joined in on the bandwagon—including The Beehive Pastries, of course. Whether it’s a simple greeting, a witty quote, or a simple Christmas icon, these Junior Cakes come in various designs and flavors to choose from.

Available designs include the Christmas Garden, Frosty, Merry Tree, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, Watercolor Dedication Cakes, Where’s Santa, and White Christmas. On the other hand, you can choose from Decadent Chocolate, Moist Carrot Cake, Southern Red Velvet, and Strawberry Vanilla for the flavors.

The Beehive Pastries 5

Moist Carrot Cake With the Merry Tree Design

Out of the two cakes that I tried, the dedication cake won me over, both in design and taste. For one thing, it’s both witty and attention-grabbing with its design. The cake features a white base with streaks of red and green for that added festivity. As for the message? As cheeky as it is clear: for Santa to give the recipient a fat bank account and skinny body.

The Beehive Pastries 3

Decadent Chocolate Watercolor Dedication Cake

Next, of course, the taste. Once you cut into the cake, you’re treated to a chocolatey surprise. The chocolate sponge base is rich, decadent, and has a degree of firmness that isn’t too dry, nor is it too wet. And just as expected from The Beehive Pastries, the icing was the best part for me—sugary and smooth, not too sweet, and the kind that just melts in your mouth.

3. Lunchbox Gift Cakes (PHP 420 each)

Let’s be honest—at least once in our lives, we’ve dreamt of having a cake all to ourselves. But logic dictates that finishing a big cake will just make us sick. Thankfully, The Beehive Pastries now offers lunchbox cakes—personal-sized cakes that you can hoard.

The Beehive Pastries 4

Much like the Junior Cakes, these lunchbox cakes come in different designs and flavors. These include the Christmas Garden, Frosty, Merry Tree, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, Watercolor Dedication Cakes, Where’s Santa, and White Christmas. Conversely, the available flavors include Decadent Chocolate, Moist Carrot Cake, Southern Red Velvet, and Strawberry Vanilla for the flavors.

As someone who enjoys a good ol’ Red Velvet cake, the Where’s Santa Cake in Southern Red Velvet was my absolute favorite. Chocolatey (but not as rich as the Decadent Chocolate variant), sweet and moist, this cake was polished off in a matter of days.

And if you’re looking for bigger sizes, these cakes come in Regular sizes with 8-inch diameter, priced at PHP 1,050 each.

Of Sweet and Savory Pies

Beyond these festive cakes, The Beehive Pastries offers more evergreen options available all-year-round—pies, that is. And what a treat for those who don’t have as massive of a sweet tooth as I! Instead of sweet sponge cake, you get a flaky crust or even a streusel, depending on which fits your fancy: sweet Apple Pie or the savory Baked Brie!

1. Apple Crumble Pie (PHP420 for the Small, PHP 520 for the Big)

A quintessential favorite, the apple crumble pie is as straightforward as it gets. You get a buttery pie crust for the base, a hot filling made of apple slices, sugar, and cinnamon that has been cooked down, and either another layer of pie crust on top or a crumbly streusel layer. But in the case of The Beehive Pastries, it opted for streusel.

The Beehive Pastries 6

Dissecting the elements that make up this apple pie, you get slices of apple in the filling; with a mouth feel leaning more on the soft side, complete with a gooey reduced sauce engulfing each piece. The pie base is flaky and firm, whereas the crumbly top layer is not just buttery—rather, it has more of a bite thanks to some finely chopped nuts added into the mix. Overall not too sweet, fruity, and with subtle hints of cinnamon, I say that this pie is a dessert for those who want things sweet, but not too sweet.

The Beehive Pastries 7

2. Baked Brie (PHP 750)

One of the two savory pies that The Beehive Pasties has to offer, the Baked Brie is a meatless option featuring a square-shaped pocket of puff pastry that’s filled with creamy brie cheese and slices of mushrooms—all cooked together.

The Beehive Pastries 9

Taste-wise, it’s comforting and homey—the kind you’d eat on a cold day or when you want something soothing. The filling in itself is lightly salted and creamy, but the kind that’s dominated by diced mushrooms. And don’t worry, this pocket is filled to the brim with the good stuff.

The Beehive Pastries 10

Now, if you’re the type who prefers the flaky and light puff pastry over the heavier pie dough, I say that this Baked Brie is for you!

Ongoing Holiday Promo and Bundles

This holiday season, The Beehive Pastries makes gift giving easier with its promos and bundles. These include:

  • Apple Crumble Bundle (Small): Buy 10 Small pies at PHP4,200 and get 1 for FREE!
  • Apple Crumble Bundle (Big): Buy 10 Big pies at PHP5,200 and get 1 for FREE!
  • Lunchbox Cake Bundle: Buy 10 Lunchbox cakes at PHP4,200 and het 2 for FREE!
  • Junior Cakes Bundle (6-inch Diameter): Buy 10 Junior Cakes at PHP6,500 and get 1 for FREE!
  • Regular Cakes Bundle (8-inch Diameter): Buy 10 Junior Cakes at PHP10,500 and get 1 for FREE!

And you better hurry! The Beehive Pastries has a 2-day lead time for orders in general, but with the Christmas rush, it can stretch to up to 3 days. Once your orders are confirmed, you have the choice of paying through BDO, BPI, or PNB bank deposit, along with GCash. As for delivery, they only service those within Metro Manila and can send your items to you through third-party couriers like Grab, Lalamove, Can Can, or Happy Move.

Now have yourself a very Merry Christmas with a feast—you deserve it!

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The Beehive Pastries

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