Make Macarons with Gruppo Dolci’s French Macaron Baking Workshops

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Macarons, without a doubt, are among the most decadent desserts there are. Luscious ganache sandwiched between almond meringue cookies, they’re light and just have the right size and sweetness to end any meal.

They’re also, unfortunately, incredibly challenging to make. From making meringue to piping ganache (chocolate and cream) on the biscuit, every process of making meringue requires skill, patience, and a considerable amount of time. It can take up to two days to make, which leads you to wondering whether it’s possible to ever make them on your own.

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Luckily, there’s Gruppo Dolci’s monthly Authentic French Macaron Baking Workshop to make your first macaron class a lot more exciting and just a little bit less daunting.

Gruppo Dolci_Authentic French Macaron Baking Workshop _Chef NestorChef Nestor San Diego

Gruppo Dolci_Authentic French Macaron Baking Workshop _Chef ChristianChef Christian Cabral

The class is conducted by Gruppo Dolci, the same company behind Bar Dolci, which makes some of the best macarons in town. The instructors are pastry chefs Christian Cabral and Nestor San Diego from Gruppo Dolci, who both have been with the company for years and who make at least 300 macarons a day. They keep the class light, fun and casual, which makes it a lot easier to learn – especially when you’re struggling with piping the ganache.

Gruppo Dolci_Authentic French Macaron Baking Workshop _Macarons Before Baking
The class runs for a full day, usually Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 4 pm. The classes usually are a mix of beginners, dessert enthusiasts, and even pastry professionals.

There is a lunch break in between, but you need not go outside to eat. Part of the class is a lunch with your fellow macaron devotees – over a delicious fare of lasagna, bread, and guess what: more macarons!

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The chefs teach you everything there is to know about macarons – even some of the secrets – how it started and how to make the shell in the middle and ganache with the best ingredients and the right techniques. It’s impossible to master the techniques the first time during class, but with practice, you’ll eventually be able make your own delicious, homemade macarons to give away for Christmas or to just have for dessert.

GRuppo Dolci_Authentic French Macaron Baking Workshop_Macarons

Gruppo Dolci_Authentic French Macaron Baking Workshop _Final Product
Of course, the best part of this entire experience is the last part, where you finally get to see, box, and finally eat the macarons you’ve labord over for the past few hours. Then again, with all the macarons you’ve eaten for lunch, it’s probably just best to share.


French Macaron Baking Workshop by Gruppo Dolci Inc.

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Photos by Ian Benetua