The Maginhawa Snack Track 2018: Retraced

Article by Sophia Teaño and Christian Viñas | Graphics by Salie Agustin

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Maginhawa remains to be one of people’s favorite food streets. Offering everything from drinks and desserts to snacks and full-course meals, it isn’t a surprise that people find their tastebud heaven there sooner or later. However, appealing as the endless choices may be, even old-timers can sometimes struggle when choosing where to go.

As the year has once again turned over a new page, it is inevitable for Maginhawa to go through a couple of changes, as well. From our 2015 Snack Track, check out our updates on which ones have closed, which ones stayed, and which ones are new options you can try! So to make your next Maginhawa Adventure more ‘maginhawa’, read on!

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50 Maginhawa Food Park

Litrato ni One Fifty Maginhawa Food Park.

People always talk about 150’s comfortable ambiance. Plus, people in large groups don’t have to worry about their different preferences because of the wide range of items on the menu.

All About Pasta

All About Pasta Maginhawa

What’s not to love about pasta? If you’re looking for a place all about it, you don’t have to look any further! They also offer a selection of pizza, sides, and ice cream! 

Ally’s All-Day Breakfast Place

Litrato ni Ally's All-Day Breakfast Place.

Ally’s greets its visitors with yellow and orange interiors that give off a really sunny vibe. They offer breakfast favorites like waffles, pancakes, French toast, and of course, the Filipino staple breakfast, tapsilog!

Artsy Cafe

Maginhawa Snack Track 2018 1

Artsy Cafe is an artistically appealing cafe in Maginhawa that has made its presence recognisable by providing good food. While it may get rowdy late in the afternoon, the rest of the cafe really makes the visit worth it every time.

Cat Cafe Manila

Litrato ni Cat Cafe Manila.

If you love cats, then you’ll love Cat Cafe! Aside from offering delicious drinks and desserts, the cafe is also partners with Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (CARA), which means that some of the cats there are actually up for adoption!

Buffalo Bro’s Ribs and Wings

Litrato ni Buffalo Bro's Ribs and Wings.

If you’re looking for delicious ribs and wings, you should know that Buffalo Bro’s Ribs and Wings’ newcomers and loyal patrons have been buzzing about their selections with the crowd favorite being the restaurant’s sweet ribs.

Catabolic Cafe

Litrato ni Catabolic Café.

Looking for a cozy place?, Catabolic Cafe is the place to be! People love it for its simple interiors and laid-back atmosphere. In case you were wondering, the most ordered item on their menu as of the moment is their chicken and waffles with strawberry butter! Read more about the cafe here.

Chapter Coffee Roaster and Cafe

Litrato ni Chapter Coffee Roastery & Cafe Inc.

Chapter Coffee is dedicated to providing their customers with quality handcrafted coffee. They make sure that the space caters to anyone, whether they are eating alone or are engaging in wonderful conversations with others.


Litrato ni Felicidad.

A house turned resto, Felicidad is offers a home-y vibe to everyone who drops by. Their wings are very popular, and their eggplant parmigiana and pasta get a lot of special mentions, too!

Friuli Trattoria

Maginhawa Snack Track 2018 4

Friuli Trattoria provides authentic Italian dishes at a great value. From their various pizza choices to their signature Tre Formaggi, their highly recommended dishes will definitely make you come back for more.

Get Greens

Maginhawa Snack Track 2018 6

Veggies galore await the health-conscious at Get Greens. Offering up organic ingredients while not shying away from great taste, it’s an absolute must-try.

Grape Escape

Maginhawa Snack Track 2018 7

If you are looking for an Italian wine escapade, then Grape Escape is the place to be. It has clean interiors accompanied by their best seller Aglio Olio Pasta, Garlic Bread, Carbonara Pizza, as well as some great wine.

Il Pittore Cafe

Maginhawa Snack Track 2018 3

This  Italian cafe is pretty toned down, but is still appealing nonetheless. The food is priced fairly, and customers can leave notes about their experience about the cafe there anytime they please.

Laruan ATBP

Maginhawa Snack Track 2018 9

As the name suggests, the cafe is a place where you can enjoy both dining and playing games. The cafe is owned by Kam.ikazee’s Jay Contreras and offers Filipino cuisine along with the wide range of game board titles that they have.

Little India

Litrato ni Little India Healthy Cuisine.

Little India is the answer to your Indian cuisine cravings. This place is great for vegetarians and offers a different menu for vegans. Their samosa is a favourite word-of-mouth amongst their customers!

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