Catabolic Cafe: The Cozy Cafe at Malingap Street, Quezon City

With so many restaurants in Teacher’s Village, creating a successful cafe can be challenging; but Catabolic Cafe proves that it’s certainly not impossible. Catabolic Cafe just opened last August 8, 2015, but it’s already becoming a fast favorite.  The operations are handled by four people: JR Reyes (The Boss), Dylan Avila (The Businesswoman), JV Reyes (The Man of the Kitchen) and Ed Figueroa (The Brand).


Dylan Avila says that one of the cafe’s main goals is to serve their customers, which are primarily from the universities in Quezon City, and it certainly shows.


One of my favorite things about this quaint little joint is the minimalistic interior design that creates a relaxing ambience, perfect for stressed college students. The subtle decorations, classy tabletops and wooden chairs perfectly complement the chocolate-colored vintage walls and golden lamplights.


Combined with some cool air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, and a good amount of electrical outlets, the cafe sets a good mood for studying.

Another charm of this cafe is their menu. Why? The flavors might just surprise you. Their diverse menu is inspired by the food that the team has encountered throughout their travels combined with some local favorites. Scroll down and check out some of their bestsellers!



Chicken and Waffles (P330)

The one dish that’s perfect for any breakfast lover is Catabolic Cafe‘s very own Chicken and Waffles. Who knew that such a perfect combination of fried foods could even exist? The fluffy waffles serve as the bed for all of the ingredients topped with two huge chunks of strawberry butter and a big serving of fried chicken. The chicken comes with maple syrup blended with a bit of hot sauce. The sauce is only slightly spicy, though, so it does not subdue the balanced flavor of the fried chicken. If you hate spicy food, then don’t fret! The sauce is only optional, but it adds a sweet and spicy tang once eaten with the waffles or chicken.

On the other hand, the combination of the savory waffles lathered in strawberry butter is uniquely unforgettable. The big chunks of strawberry butter perfectly complement the savory waffles, creating a distinctively sweet yet slightly sour flavor.  If you love breakfast foods, then this dish should definitely be on your bucket list!



Sardines with Truffle Pasta (P310)

One meal that I absolutely fell in love with is the Sardines with Truffle Pasta.  The dish, which is a result of a random experiment with truffle paste, is simple yet divine. The fusion of sweet and spicy stands out beautifully in this dish. It’s probably because the spiciness of the sardines perfectly complement the sweetness of the truffles. The pasta also comes with hot and crisp garlic bread, sodden with rich, punchy butter.



Pares Rice with Crispy Tadjang (P350)

This dish is a traditional Filipino favorite. It’s mainly a mix of pares sauce-infused rice and short ribs marinated with that sauce. The surprisingly soft and tender meat mixed with vinegar enhances the unique flair of this dish. What’s even more amazing is that the ingredients are made fresh and the dish is served hot—creating a kind of comfort food that’s perfect if you’re stressed about your academics.



Kimchi Fried Rice (P315)

This rice is a combination of fried rice, fried egg and a dab of Korean chili paste. Its distinctive flavor left a strong yet delicious tang in my mouth. It also comes with high quality cuts of pork samgyeopsal, which is savory when eaten with the Korean BBQ sauce.

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