– Turn It into Your New Online Hangout Every Wednesday Night! – Turn It into Your New Online Hangout Every Wednesday Night!


When in Manila and looking for something new and exciting to look forward to every Wednesday night, Madhouse Manila may just have come up with exactly what you need!

(All photos by Patrick Sison.)


If you are an avid reader of fashion blogs, then you might be familiar with the names Dani Barretto, Mikyle Quizon, Seph Cham, Ana Gonzales, Miko Carreon and (lil ol’ me) Angeline Rodriguez. Whether you are familiar with us or not, though, you are sure to love our latest show, Mad TV. We air every Wednesday night at 9pm on, so all you really need is a good Internet connection and you can join in the fun every week! 🙂


What is


In a nutshell, is an online show that is a cross between a podcast and a TV talk and reality show. In the show, our webkada will basically introduce you to the coolest places and the latest happenings around the metro. We’ll even teach you some cool DIY projects while we’re at it!


Our first official podcast happened last week and, despite the few technical difficulties that we had at the time, people enjoyed tuning in and listening us talk about fashion while joining in the conversation through our social media hub.


Tonight, we’ll be focusing on all things FOOD. Check out our teaser trailer here:



For the following weeks after that, we’ve got a tech segment and a fitness segment that you can look forward to – all courtesy of your new hosts 🙂 If you think about it, it’s kinda like a condensed version of….. but on online TV! Mind. Blown.

I hope you guys can tune in When in Manila or even anywhere else, for that matter. We would greatly appreciate it. And if you tweet us at @MadHouseMNL with the hashtag #MadTVPH, we may just read your tweets and respond to you during the show. 🙂 We are also open to collaborations with brands that want to be featured on the show, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime! 🙂 See you tonight!



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