These Stores Sell Lumpia in Remarkable Flavors You Won’t Soon Forget

Everybody loves lumpia! In fact, it’s a staple at practically every important Filipino celebration – and for good reasons: they’re convenient, downright delicious, and easy to eat. Now, you don’t even need to worry about rolling them up yourself anymore. You can just order them from one of these stores – and in delicious different flavors to boot!

NonproCook (@nonprocook)

Flavor: Cheesy Chicken

Non Pro Cook Cheesy Chicken Lumpia

Photo from NonproCook

NonproCook started during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) when Jen started taking photos of the food that she cooks for her husband. While thinking about starting a business during quarantine, Jen’s husband (and his friends!) suggested selling her food. What started with mechado and adobo has now evolved into other offerings… including lumpia!

Their lumpia is definitely a must-try! Not only is it deliciously cheesy and addicting, but it is also healthier since Jen uses chicken breast (without skin). She also uses stretchy mozzarella cheese to ensure that the cheese flavor isn’t too strong, and you can enjoy the chicken-and-cheese mixture to the fullest. Make sure to try their Flan de Queso, too – which is a combination of leche flan and cheesecake!!!

NonproCook sells their lumpia frozen so that you can experience the stretchy cheese right after frying it. The stretchy cheese in itself is already worth the experience. Just look at the photo above!

Comida Vida (@comidavidaeats)

Flavor: Tinapa

Tinapa CheeseSticks

Photo from Comida Vida

Comida Vida started in November 2018 by selling cookies and snacks. Eventually, they created their first signature snack dish and dessert: the Tinapa Cheesesticks and Chicharon Cheesecake. The Tinapa Cheesesticks were conceptualized by their Head Chef, Jose Pargas, during a school exercise. Because of the good feedback, they decided to add it as one of their first signature snacks.

Tinapa in lumpia definitely isn’t a common recipe. In fact, Comida Vida shares that people used to ignore their lumpia when they sold them at weekend markets, However, I need to tell you that their tinapa lumpia is a definite must-try! Another noteworthy offering of Comida Vida is their Garlic Aioli Dip, which you can order alongside the lumpia to level up this new experience all the more. “It has become our guideline to use local favorites and transform them into something suitable for modern and picky palates,” they add. “We hope our unique offerings inspire people to be more curious in trying Filipino food.”

Three Rollers (@threerollers)

Flavors: Chorizo, Taco, Beef Curry


Three Rollers lumpia

Photo from Three Rollers

Lumpia is already generally amazing, but Three Rollers levels up the experience by adding new flavors to a nostalgic Filipino staple. Three Rollers, thus named because there are three members in their family, had the idea to start a rolls place late last year. Thanks to the ECQ, they finally found the time to bring their idea to life. Chorizo started as their staple flavor, but they now have two more flavors on the roster: taco and beef curry. They also plan on launching more flavors in the future.

Three Rollers’ lumpia is sold frozen as they want their customers to enjoy the crispness of the rolls right from their home fryer. Our personal favorite (which surprised us, to be honest) is the beef curry! Even my daughter, who doesn’t eat curry in any other form, wolfed them down like they were candy!

Have you tried any interesting lumpia flavors? Share them with us! We need more lumpia flavors in our lives!

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