Lovi Poe Explains How She Came Up With the Concept for “Seasons”

Lovi Poe and Carlo Aquino star in the Netflix movie Seasons and if you found yourself frustrated or even angry after watching it, then don’t sorry. It’s normal. In fact, there’s a good reasons why you feel that way: it’s because that’s how Lovi Poe intended it.

Lovi Poe Interview for Seasons

In case you didn’t know, Lovi Poe is the one who came up with the concept of Seasons, and she opened up to us about it a recent interview. First and foremost, she clarifies that it is not because it happened to her in real life. “I’ve never had a relationship where I fell in love with my best friend,” she explains.

“I basically came up with this story because we all make mistakes in our lives and it’s inevitable for us. We have to face the consequences of our mistakes. It’s just something that we have to deal with but it’s very rare to take full responsibility of their mistakes. We always find someone to blame and in a relationship, basically, we always point our fingers instead of being accountable for our mistakes.”

Lovi Poe Carlo Aquino Seasons Netflix

Photo from Netflix

“It’s always, ‘Oh, I blame this person, I blame that person,” so I came up with this story because it’s me saying I take full responsibility for my mistakes in the past. It might not be like the story of Charlie, but it’s just owning up to my mistakes, and it’s a reminder for some people that you yourself have to as well.”

Can Platonic Relationships Work Lovi Poe Carlo Aquino Seasons Netflix

Photo from Netflix

“Charlie is flawed,” Lovi Poe points out. “That’s the main reason for this story. We usually watch a story or a character na we would cheer for because she’s the lead of a movie, he’s the lead of a movie, but I wanted someone to remind people that we’re human. We make mistakes and we won’t sometimes cheer for what they do. And that’s Charlie.”

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