LOOK: The Lord of the Rings Series Has Cast Its First Actor!

Details about the new Lord of the Rings series have been so minimal that not a lot of people even know that it exists. All we know is that it’ll take place sometime before the events of Fellowship of the Ring and that the writers’ room is “operating under intense security precautions”. And now, finally, we can attach a name and a face to the series!

The first actor to be cast is Markella Kavenagh who will be playing a character named Tyra, as reported by Variety. Yes, she’s definitely not a household name (yet?) and yes Tyra definitely isn’t a typical Tolkien name. Some have speculated that it’s a sort of codename or placeholder. Apparently, these are the lengths a production is willing to go to now.

markella kavenagh

Markella Kavenagh | Photo from GettyImages

On July 27, the Lord of the Rings series’ official Twitter introduced its audience to its “fellowship” and released a video featuring the creative team behind the project. Some of the writers and consultants featured have worked on shows such as Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, and Westworld.

No one really knows when this series is going to air or any further details for that matter. Again, secrets! But we’ll keep an eye out for any news. Hopefully, we get more information soon.

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Who do you want to see in the Lord of the Rings series?