LOOK: You can now buy a rechargeable Portable Bidet!

If you’re unaware, toilet paper is not so eco-friendly. Fortunately, for the environment and hygiene, the bidet exists. And now, it’s gotten even better now that a company has developed a rechargeable and portable one!

Photo Credit: Sonny

The toilet paper is still used by the majority of the world’s population, which could be a bad sign of progress as this not only damages our environment by cutting down billions of trees, flushing down the paper will fill our sewers. To add to its negative impact, toilet paper does not clean your bottom all the way.

Sonny aims to address the tissue issue by being the first portable and rechargeable bidet for eco-conscious humans, as its Indiegogo page indicates. The innovative tech is said to be the sustainable option for tissues as to lessen the production for papers to have a greener world.

Their page also mentioned that there have been over 36 million rolls of toilet paper used every year (which is roughly 15 million trees). And to create paper at that amount, you’ll be needing 473 billion gallons of water.

Photo Credit: Sonny

With the sprayer being more eco-friendly compared to regular use of toilet paper, it’s really a no-brainer that a bidet is a hygiene essential.

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Zack Levinson, creator of Sonny, partnered with an industrial design firm called Box Clever where they have created the design for the sleek and rechargeable device that emphasizes sustainability.

Watch their promotional video below:

Sonny comes in Soft Silver and Dusted Champagne and you can get your own Sonny for $89, but shipping will not start until December.

So don’t forget, wash, don’t wipe!

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