LOOK: This Version Of ‘The Boat Is Sinking’ Gets A Math Upgrade And It’s Exercising Our Brains

Who says math can never be fun?!

For us average human beings, the mere mention of ‘math’ can probably send us running for the hills. We all probably know someone who just hates math–maybe it’s even you!

But for those who’s lives are all about math, they’ll always find a way to make it fun.

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That’s exactly what an Applied Mathematics organization proved when they combined math and games.

In a post by Facebook Page Himamat, they shared how the classic game of “The Boat Is Sinking” got a mathematical upgrade.

Check it out below:

‘Himamat’ is an annual event of BS Applied Mathematics students in Davao City. And with these photos from their recent event, people went nuts.

‘The Boat Is Sinking’ is a classic party game where the gamemaster would call out numbers and players would have to group themselves into that number. Their version of ‘The Boat Is Sinking’ involved equations and computing for a single number.

math gamePhoto from Himamat

One particular round has this as the question:

The boat is sinking. Group yourselves by the perimeter of the rectangle if the width is twice the root of the length and the area is 250.

Don’t worry. I don’t know the answer, too.

Can you imagine playing this game at a kid’s birthday? Yup, I’ll probably sit this one out.

The game is a hit to netizens on Facebook, with the post getting more than 1,000 shares.

I guess that’s one way to make math fun.

What did you think of this version of ‘The Boat Is Sinking’? Share it with us below!

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