LOOK: This university held a ‘graduation’ for their beloved campus cat, Archer

De La Salle University is, among other things, known as home and host to the cats of Taft. No matter how many times students are sent to the clinic after being scratched by one of them, the cats remain well-loved. But none are as esteemed as their ‘King’, Archer.

archer 3

Photo from Sabrina Hizon (@sabhizon)

Archer, the unofficial mascot of the university, is said to ‘belong’ to batch 2013. This means he has more or less been a permanent fixture in DLSU for 6 years now. It’s only right that after a long 6 years of ‘schooling’, Archer finally gets to graduate to his ‘furever’ home.


Photo from Gia Lara of Petograpiya (@petograpiya)

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While students, professors, and even online fans of the feline will sorely be missing Archer from the Taft campus, it was a change that had to be made. The beloved cat has recently been diagnosed with a fatty liver and badly needs to get in shape. However, because no one can ensure that students will stop sharing ‘human food’ with him, or that he won’t find it himself, the decision to rehome Archer was best for his health.

archer cat

Photo from Gia Lara of Petograpiya (@petograpiya)

DLSU-PUSA (Professors for the Upliftment for Society’s Animals), the organization who oversees the protection and care of DLSU’s cat population, made the difficult decision to have Archer adopted. They reconnected Archer with one of DLSU’s retired security guards, Ate Jenny. Many consider Ate Jenny to be Archer’s ‘first mom’, bonding with him years ago when he was only a kitten. Archer would stand vigil with Ate Jenny during her shifts at the Henry Sy Sr. Hall (HSSH) Information booth. Come break time, they were also known to share her packed lunch. In fact, Archer used to be known as ‘security cat’ due to his constant presence by Ate Jenny.

archer ate jenny

Photo from Andrew Pamorada

Until today he is known to laze and loiter by the North Gate of the campus, bidding students ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’ as they pass through the gates. Archer has endeared himself to most of the Lasallian population, even those who call themselves ‘dog people’. Which is why his exit from the Taft life had to be celebrated in a grand way — like having his personal graduation.

archer 2

Photo from Laureen Velasco

DLSU-PUSA organized the graduation as a way to focus on the joy of a bittersweet event. Held on the Henry Sy Sr. Grounds, Lasallians and outside guests packed the audience as a final farewell to the feline. Of course, Archer being a typical cat meant that he disrupted his own ceremony by jumping off the stage and hiding from the audience.

archer 1

Photo from Sabrina Hizon (@sabhizon)

You can check The Lasallian’s thread for a full recap of the graduation ceremony:

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The graduation also served as a fundraiser for Archer’s transportation and medical needs. If you would like to make a donation for Archer or any of the DLSU cats, please send an email to pusa@dlsu.edu.ph. You may also help through partnerships, adoptions, and fundraisers.

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