LOOK: Meet the New Campus Cuties of Taft!

Written by Meg Torrente and Jesus Arturo Dalumpines III
Photos by Jesus Arturo Dalumpines III

There’s a new bunch of cuties roaming around DLSU. You’ll find them all over campus. It’s almost impossible to miss them! Who are we talking about? No other than the real OGs of our campus halls: the Cats of DLSU!

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cats of dlsu 8“They are the soft spot of almost all students on campus!”

If you’ve ever arrived on campus early, this scenario should look pretty familiar. We aren’t sure if it’s super cute or super creepy, but they’re all grouped together at the corner of Velasco and Miguel walk.

cats of dlsu 4#YouCantSitWithUs

cats of dlsu 2“No eyebrows? Still #onfleek”

cats of dlsu 2Buti pa sila, pwede matulog kahit saan sa school.

Lasallians have taken the cats around campus so seriously that a good number of them have names and even collars! For example, the fattest and the famous Archer whom you will see walking along the gate and grounds of Henry Sy Library:

cats of dlsu 7“How dare they touch me.”

cats of dlsu 6“Sup fam.”

cats of dlsu 14“We ’bout to drop the latest fire album soon.”

cats of dlsu 5“Lowkey Candid”

cats of dlsu 11“Don’t diss the king, Archer.”

cats of dlsu 12

cats of dlsu 10

All in all, it is an amazing gesture from the administration and the students to give these cats a home. Not only are they a source of simple joys for us in La Salle, but it is also a great step for people to see that giving some love to stray animals is not hard at all!

You can check out more of Art’s photos on Instagram (@artfdalumpines).