LOOK: This Supplement Is a Must-Have if You Want to Reduce Stress and Be Healthier

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Did you know that only one in eight adults are metabolically healthy and that 90% of consumers agree that the always-on lifestyle is taking a toll on their bodies?

I’m certainly part of that 90%. Ever since the pandemic started, I have spent more time sitting in front of the computer. And while I make an effort to eat right and work out, I still feel stressed and tired. Maybe I’m one of the seven in eight adults who are not metabolically healthy.

Nu Skin Philippines, part of Nu Skin Enterprises, a global leader in premium-quality beauty and wellness products, recently launched ageLOC Reset. It helps counteract stress so we can reach our goals while still enjoying an elevated and improved well-being.

I’m sure many of you are asking: what is ageLOC Reset?

Simply put, it’s a supplement that you take twice daily. It’s powered by anthocyanins, or compounds with great antioxidant effects found in dark purple plants. They have many health benefits, which is why eating a diet rich in anthocyanins is such a smart thing to do.

Nu Skin recognized that not all anthocyanins are created equal, so it did seven years of exclusive-to-Nu Skin research. Their research showed that some specific types of anthocyanins are more effective at supporting our internal chemical processes. ageLOC Reset contains its exclusive anthocyanin blend ideally sourced from three superfoods: black currants, bilberries, and black rice.

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Nu Skin’s research also discovered that consuming the right amount can help provide further support, but the reality is, globally, the average adult consumes less than 25 mg per day, which is not nearly enough. ageLOC Reset has 215 mg of support to help you reach your health goals.

When combined with healthy eating, regular exercise, and better sleep, you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Helps support well-being
  • Helps support your body’s internal biochemical processes
  • Helps improve the antioxidant defense system, reducing oxidative stress
  • Helps provide a healthy balance of good and bad bacteria in the gut
  • Features ageLOC technology that targets the core body’s internal biochemical processes

ageLOC Reset comes in easy-to-swallow soft gel capsules. Each container includes 60 soft gel capsules. Nu Skin recommends taking two capsules per day for maximum results.

ageLOC Reset retails for P9,100 and can be availed through Nu Skin Philippines’ independent brand affiliates.

Nu Skin Philippines

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