LOOK: This Photo Illustration for a Prenup is too Cute

Prenups are pretty common nowadays and the themes are getting unique. Though we are used to seeing prenups with couples posing in gowns and tuxedos or maybe recreating the way the couples met, we found this cute prenup illustration shoot of Ken Benitez.

Though the shoot started as plain photos on a white background, it was brought to life with cute illustrations.

Ken Benitez merges a creative vision with stunning design solutions. As a freelance graphic artist based in the Philippines, he has found inspiration in his love for the arts since childhood and has allowed that passion to evolve with him both professionally and personally.

The graphics combined with the photos made comic-like output that shows the fun personality of the couple.

One photo also showed the groom’s love for games.

Thinking of what photo to get with your significant other? Would you try a photo illustration?

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