LOOK: This Photo Booth in Cubao Leads to a Secret Bar

Int Bar speakeasy in Cubao Expo 17

You’re probably thinking that this is just a photo of a meek and quaint photo booth, but like we were, you’ll be surprised to learn that behind its red curtains is actually a door leading to a cocktail bar! We’re not kidding – the other side of this photo booth is a passageway to INT. Bar, a speakeasy secretly situated inside Cubao Expo. How cool is that?

Int Bar speakeasy in Cubao Expo 19

INT. Bar is short for Interiors and according to one of its owners, the place was initially planned to be an extension of their steak place right in front of it. They eventually turned it into a speakeasy to gather their friends to hang out. Voila! Say hello to INT. Bar!

Int Bar speakeasy in Cubao Expo 25

This bar has remarkable character. It’s like stepping into a different era, thanks to its dim lights and leather couches. The whole place will make you feel like you’re starring in a vintage movie!

INT. Bar will not only give you the thrill of discovering a speakeasy known to a few; it will also delight you with their cocktails, wine, and other liquor choices. Oh, and did we mention that their signature drinks are named after good old classic movies? Here are some of the stuff that we tried:

Int Bar speakeasy in Cubao Expo 9

Paradise Lost (Php350) and Hummus  (Php200)

Paradise Lost, made of Maker’s Mark bourbon, lemon, Calvados, cinnamon syrup, and egg whites, is best paired with their Hummus platter of roasted sesame and dehydrated pita chips. We couldn’t get enough of it, we actually ordered another plate!

Int Bar speakeasy in Cubao Expo 2

Café Society, Php300

Café Society will wake you up with its taste! If you like drinks that taste like coffee, grab this cocktail made of Dewar’s Scotch, The Kraken Spiced Rum, Coffee Aperol infusion, Demerara, and egg whites.

Int Bar speakeasy in Cubao Expo 1

La Dolce Vita, Php350

This pretty drink called La Dolce Vita has more to offer beyond its looks. It’s made of Blanco Tequila, absinthe, lemon, orange, agave nectar, egg whites, and mango caviar.


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Cigarettes After Sex, Php350

Their bestseller, Cigarettes After Sex, is not only a must-try, but also a must-see! Made of Lapsang Souchong Scotch Infusion, Laphroaig 10 Islay Single Malt, organic honey, aromatic bitters, and egg whites; this drink is served in a smoked dome.


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Cured Salmon Tarragon with Cucumber and Mango Caviar served in a mini smoke dome. #int

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Cured Salmon, Php320

Don’t forget to pair the booze with some of the things on their list of comfort food. We tried their Cured Salmon made of lemon-tarragon mayonnaise with cucumber, mango caviar, and a toast magically served in a glass dome of smoke. Get your Instagram stories ready for an impressive presentation!

Int Bar speakeasy in Cubao Expo 5

Trio Tacos, Php300

We personally love their Trio Tacos, a set of three soft pita breads with different toppings in each one, including pulled pork, roasted chicken, king oyster mushrooms with Pico de Gallo, roasted bell peppers, sriracha mayonnaise, and lime-cilantro crema.

Int Bar speakeasy in Cubao Expo 12

Spiced Cheese Penne, Php280

If you’re craving for pasta, Spiced Cheese Penne is a must-try here in INT. Bar. It’s a delectable penne dish with Pico de Gallo and bacon. The complementing spicy and cheesy flavor definitely got us!

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There you have it: a secret bar is revealed for your next chillnuman night! If you’re looking for a quiet place to hang out without a loud crowd, hit Cubao Expo and enter the red curtains of INT. Bar.

INT. Bar

Cubao Expo, Gen. Romulo Avenue, Cubao, Quezon City