LOOK: This person found a COVID-19 quarantine playlist

Since COVID-19 started to spread more here in the Philippines, more and more schools have called for online classes, workplaces have enforced work-from-home days, and social distancing has been heavily promoted by the Department of Health, people have spent more and more time at home. And while it’s nice to not have to grit your teeth through traffic during rush hour every day and have to endure EDSA’s neverending river of traffic lights, self-quarantining can get boring.

You know what helps? Music.

Netizen Arvy Llusala found a COVID-19 playlist for quarantining and all the songs seem to tickle the Filipino funny bone in one way or another. We do have a tendency to try and lighten up situations that feel a little scary, so this was a welcome piece of levity amidst tension.

My favorite part of this playlist? Matchbox Twenty’s Unwell. Also: No Air. Thank you, Arvy.

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See the Facebook post here:

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