LOOK: This New Indoor Theme Park Has More Than 30 Magical IG-Worthy Spots

Now that kids are allowed outside and parks have opened up, there have also been new additions to Metro Manila’s IG-worthy spots to visit.

At the beginning of December, Tales of Illumina opened to the public. It is a 45,000-square-feet indoor theme park that offers an immersive and magical experience. There are a whopping 36 unique and picturesque art installations that will definitely liven up your IG feed.


Photo from Tales of Illumina

The park is based on many Philippine mythological creatures and stories. A visit to this park allows you to get up close and personal iconic characters such as the Tikbalang and the Ibong Adarna. Tales of Illumina also created a new mythological character, Hiraya, who you’ll see at the end of your journey.

Their tour guides (dressed in awesome sparkly outfits), will bring you through the many “locations” within Tales of Ilumina. Here are some of the breathtaking art installations:

The Naked Forest


Photo from Tales of Illumina

This is a long hallway that instantly transports you to a magical forest lit up by glowing lanterns. The gorgeous photos you take here will make you look like you’re the main character in a new fantasy movie with fairies and magical beings.

The Chamber of Dreams

tales of illumina 142532

This beautiful space looks like it came straight out of Harry Potter. It’s complete with a magical cauldron, shelves of potions, plus real-life cocktails you can enjoy right there!

The Icy Forest

tales of illumina 150246

Ever wanted to experience a white Christmas? Well, here’s your chance—at least experience it for the ‘Gram. This magical hallway looks like you’re walking through that iconic winter scene from The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

The Kaleidoscope

tales of illumina 143500

If you’re up for a trippy photo, there’s an art installation that allows you to step inside a massive kaleidoscope. It’s definitely a mind-boggling experience that creates an equally amazing photo for your Instagram.

tales of illumina 150730

These are just four out of the 36 amazing art installations and experiences at Tales of Illumina. There are even areas where you can literally go through the classic stories of Ibong Adarna and Florante at Laura. It’s not just a cool picture-worthy experience, but you also get to re-learn these iconic works of literature.

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tales of illumina 143748

You can also expect fantastic shows featuring a variety of characters, beautiful dances, and overall amazing production.

tales of illumina 151937

In just about two hours, you can finish the whole park, but it’s best to include a bit of a time allowance with your visit just in case you want to go back to some of the spaces for extra photos

Tales of Illumina is definitely a park that people of all ages will enjoy. Kids, teens, and adults will have a blast going through this massive park—we definitely did. Just make sure to arrive in your best outfits, have a camera ready, and expect an amazing experience with great photos to take home.

Their online rate is at PHP 799 while their regular rate is at PHP 1,999. You can also get packages for photoshoots, birthday parties, and venue rental. Visit their website at www.talesofillumina.global.

Tales of Illumina

2F Ever Commonwealth, Quezon City


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